Studio Closed to All Visitors…So, that’s happening…



Well hello!
I sure hope you all aren’t too sick of the website/social media/email bombardment from every contact you have. I know it’s an inconvenience and I certainly do appreciate you taking the time to click + read.

I received notice from the owner of Wichita Studio School, where my studio is located, that he is closing the building to the public. That means the iCT DeSTaSH SaLe is officially canceled, which is what I honestly expected to have to do anyway.

Today and tomorrow the building is being sanitized. Unfortunately, that does not include private studio spaces so I will be there Saturday when we are allowed back in, sanitizing our space and setting up for virtual lessons.

What this means for us:

For now, I have to cancel our in-person classes + private lessons.

I foresee having to move to virtual classes, which makes it hard for me to physically guide you, but it’s better than nothing!
I will be using Google Hangouts/Meet for virtual individual/group lessons.

Once we set up a time to meet virtually,  I will help get you set up if you haven’t used it before.

I will be keeping in touch via email, Facebook, Instagram so keep an eye out.
Thank you all!!
Don’t give up, we’ll all get through this time as healthy, more community-minded knitters. We have plenty of knitting to keep us busy!!

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