Grateful for Clever People

Seriously, I am so grateful for people that are more clever than I am that come up with these brilliant, simple, and oh-so-helpful ideas.

Not everyone has the ability to sew themselves, and their loved ones, fabric face masks during this pandemic. We all know we can’t go to the store, or online, and buy masks so finding a way to make well-fitting fabric face coverings that you can insert a filter of some kind into should be high on everyone’s priority list right now.
NOTE: these masks WILL NOT filter out the Covid-19 virus, the goal is to prevent us from touching our faces with our hands that may be contaminated, plus helpfully keep out a portion of the many germs and viruses we encounter.

In my opinion, face masks cannot harm us as long as we understand that just wearing a mask doesn’t protect us completely from the Covid-19 virus, but it does encourage social distancing when in public. And that is totally worth it!

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