Let’s Keep In Touch!! March Updates

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SO…how’s everyone holding up??
Guess where I am…my usual workspace, my cozy home ‘office’.
I am sure more than a few of you are also now working from home or off work keeping the community safe practicing social distancing.
Luckily, we have many many projects to keep us creatives busy!

I want to keep in touch and update all my students, knitting + spinning friends, and clients about Firebrunette Knits’ plans for the next few weeks through the end of March.
Subject to change.

  • CLASSES: an email will be arriving in all student’s inboxes about all classes scheduled through March
    • Spectra Short Row Study: postponed to begin April 2nd
    • Flax Sweater: will go ahead as scheduled but will be broken down into individual meet times for each student
    • Brenton Point: will go ahead as scheduled but will be broken down into individual meet times for each student
    • Ramble Shawl: postponed to begin April 25th
  • DROP IN HOURS AT THE STUDIO: cancelled until April 6th
  • iCT DeSTaSH SaLe: I am keeping this scheduled, but will NOT be accepting drop-offs until after the 1st of April, at that point I will evaluate the current Covid-19 situation and decide if the sale needs to be canceled

All subscribers will receive an email with a few more details shortly.

Watch the Firebrunette Knits Facebook page and Instagram @firebrunetteknits to stay up to date.

I have had virtual lessons available for the last year and with a few out-of-state exceptions, this option has not been utilized locally yet.

I would like to remind everyone that you can meet with me virtually through a number of video conferencing options:
– Please use the Book Now option on the Firebrunette Knits Facebook Page to reserve a time, choose Virtual Lesson
– If you are not on Facebook, contact me directly, chauntel@firebrunetteknits.com to schedule

  • Google Hangouts – I will send you an invite 10 minutes prior to our scheduled meet time so you have time to sign in or download the app to your phone/iPad/tablet
    This service works on any platform with video-enabled + I have found with a good internet connection it is good quality for video
  • Skype – I don’t typically use Skype, but if it is a platform you would prefer we can connect that way
  • Zoom – limited to 40 minutes
  • If you have a preferred way to virtually connect, please don’t hesitate to ask if it’s an option

I understand these are trying times, emotionally and for some of our small businesses, financially. There are a lot of movements out there for small businesses to stay alive during this time.
Picket Fence Quilt Co, the brick + mortar fabric shop I work at as well as teach at, does not have an online store, but we are staying open. If you cannot come in, please call and purchase a gift certificate for future visits, or as a gift for another quilter/family member. Maybe get a jumpstart on your Holiday shopping or prepare for upcoming birthdays!

I cannot thank you all enough for taking precautions at this time, it is important that those of us that are not compromised do our part to take care of and watch out for those that are in danger from Covid-19.

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