Christmas 2011 ~EA FAMILY~

Today has been absolutely wonderful.

My kids, my husband…they bring me such joy and today has been so much more than I expected it to be.
Josh and I spent hours together wrapping all the gifts, listening to music, and being in awe over how different our lives are now as compared to a year ago. We are so blessed with the love & happiness we have found together.

The kids are beside themselves with how happy we are. Once again I am so impressed and in awe of how they have adapted and exceeded what I thought was possible. Exceptional grades, exceptional flexibility with our full time work schedules, exceptional attitudes (when teenage hormones aren’t involved, that is).

Therefore I was not surprised at all when they LOVED and appreciated every single gift they received this year, no matter the size or cost…value is in the eye of the beholder.

See the clear/black checkered Vans?!?! See them? How awesome are those! I always wanted the clear Converse but couldn’t ever get them in stock…this time I was able to get a pair for Sadie, Vans for Tyler, and mine as a free bonus pair! How awesome is that?? Now everyone can see all of my fun hand knit socks…hopefully some motivation for some new fun socks & patterns!

As far as Christmas knitting goes…I do have a family left to knit/crochet for and get mailed out. I don’t know what to make them yet, part of why I haven’t had them to send out. I am almost done with Josh’s stocking, that leaves mine & new baby for next year…not too shabby!

I was hoping I could get to items for all of the Ensey family too, but unfortunately that didn’t happen working full time. Once I am not working and home more I will have time to plan for next Christmas.

As for knitting today…I am so very tempted to whip out a baby sweater or…not sure what I want to do. I may just finish up this stocking 😉

I wish everyone a fabulous Christmas today!! I hope you all are happy and peaceful with family and loved ones today.

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