Week 26 Update

I should put this under the Body, Body, Body page since that is what it’s all about…but I won’t…

Maybe it’s time to talk about the changes this body is going through. I almost feel like I am just along for the ride and it’s going to do what it’s going to do without my consent or acknowledgement.
I am still wearing almost all non-maternity clothes with the help of the Belly Belt Combo Kit.
 feel…how do I feel? Well, hormones are my enemy. I am emotional, sometimes sad, sometimes quick-tempered, sometimes giddy, most of the time just like normal…I hope.
I feel this little kid moving a lot now. It’s funny, I will forget I am pregnant and then, kick!punch!bam! Overall I am surprisingly comfortable as far as the aches and pains go. With Trevor (10+ years ago) I had so much more happening with my body; sciatica, aches, pains, indigestion, headaches. Not this time…knock on wood. A few nights of heartburn, a few headaches, and the only time I have any achey-ness is when I have worked 8-12 hours on my feet with no extended periods of rest. Like tonight, at work, on my feet.
The ultrasound was a huge relief! I love seeing the blood flow of the baby, the heart, the stomach, the brain, it’s little hands and feet. It was moving and kicking like crazy the whole time, didn’t like the intrusion I am thinkin’.

I had myself all excited to find out the sex and then, no go. So now I am finding I am back to happy not knowing. Frustrating for others, I understand, but I just don’t care. We have our names picked, we both like neutrals/unisex colors so it works for us.

I do think I will post in the Body, Body, Body page and talk a little more in detail about dealing with the weight gain, body size issues and my bulimia/anorexia. Not on the front page though 😉

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