2012…What, pray tell, will it bring?

I had no clue 2011 would bring a new husband, a move to Kansas, and a new baby on the way. I also had no idea it would bring with it so many ups & downs!

I despised a lot of things at the beginning of 2011, I had a lot of hope for some things (and people) that ended up breaking my heart.

But, I was unexpectedly changed by life. Where I lost one love I gained another, more true and honest than I thought I could find. It happened a lot faster than I thought it would too. I was prepared to be a single mom for the long haul. I guess the best laid plans…well, those are the ones that usually get turned upside down.

3 months is all the time that is left until this little baby is born. The last 6+ months have flown by. I wish I could say I was even the littlest bit ready to have a newborn, a baby, a toddler…that is me future trippin’ as my husband likes to say. If I remember correctly I am in for a lot of NO SLEEPING. That, if you know me at all, is a very bad thing. It was bad when I did this in my early 20’s…it will be terrible in my late 30’s… 🙂

This pessimist in me is a persistent bugger. Being married to a Sagittarius, like myself, is very interesting. I am not used to someone just knowing why I feel or act the way I do. Or even mirror each other without either of us realizing it right away.

I love my life. I got myself so used to being frustrated, grumpy, woe-is-me, for a long enough time that it is taking me a little while to come around to truly seeing my life for what it actually is. Filled with joy, love, new changes everyday! I have 3 kids that love me, dote on me and love our life. The same 3 kids are also head over heels in love with Josh. He loves them and they love him. I am one lucky woman.

So I say, bring it on 2012!

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