Snow Shoveling as a Workout

Why don’t pictures ever do it justice??
I shoveled around the entire exterior of the hotel, took me about 40 minutes. By my calculations I burned 170 calories based on my height, weight and age through this website,

But, by the time I was back to where I started there was a new inch. Never ending. But I don’t mind so much, it’s physical.

Edited to add:
I will be back here at 7:30am for a shift tomorrow and will have the pleasure of shoveling again, I am sure. So, I figure it saves me more work to shovel tonight in preparation for tomorrow ;o) Smart lady, thinkin’ ahead.

And another thing, umm…you should switch the snow shovel to you other hand so you get a nice, well rounded, ambidextrous workout. Use all sides, keep your abs tight :o) Love this shit.


One thought on “Snow Shoveling as a Workout

  1. firebrunette

    Now it is afternoon, about to go out and shovel again since the night shift guy didn’t do it. Every place a foot has stepped is now ice. So very shitty to shovel. Oh well. Makes me the better (wo)man for doing it when he should have. So arrogant of me!


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