Good, good, good.

I turn 36 later this week and while we are ignoring that wholly, I did decide to treat myself to a gym membership with personal training (if we can get my insurance to cover it under the treatment for my anorexia, possible but not terribly likely). Why personal training? I don’t need to tips, guidance with equipment or the how to’s, I need to be held accountable that I am actually putting on the muscle and weight and not working any more off.

My doctor is working with me too, soon I do believe there will be a nutritionist involved but we’ll see about that. Not sure about losing all control yet.

And my dear little brother, Scott, who is a certified trainer (many, many certifications) runs and owns his own gym, Crossfit Parabellum. He is riding me, keeping me honest, and now has contact with Amber, my personal trainer here. He is a wealth of information about me that I may not openly tell her but she needs to know. Dammit.

So, I will be sore tomorrow. And I will have a week before my next training session to workout how I like while being careful not to break any of my “rules” that have been set for me. No cardio at all. No ab work. No workouts longer than 30 minutes. Did I mention the no cardio part? I don’t like that at all. I like the high with cardio. But I like the high with lifting too so I guess a substitute is okay.

Here’s a funny for you all…if I move wrong my workout pants will fall down.
When I workout at home I just wear leggings or lounge pants. Neither of those will work with weights and equipment really. Although I suppose I could go in leggings, it’s a bit of a scary sight that I am not sure I want to share with strangers :o) My own sister told me not too long ago it wasn’t okay. And Mom isn’t real happy about seeing me in leggings either. Mom suggested this morning before I left for the gym that I go ahead and wear Dad’s suspenders to keep my pants up. What I think I will get are some lightweight basketball shorts or something with elastic waistbands. I did have a friend that said he would walk around behind me holding my pants up, he isn’t here to help out so I guess I must figure this one out on my own.

Or better yet, I can get some muscles on my ass to hold my pants up!! I like that plan!! Now if there were some quick fix for my lack of a need for a sports bra that would be good too. Chest muscles filling out a bra just aren’t terribly attractive ;o)
Eh, it is what it is.

Anyway, chatty without much real information coming out tonight.

I like the gym, new equipment, it’s very clean ;o) and the staff is nice. We’ll see how well they do with bossing me when I don’t want to be bossed but need to be. I hate that I am at a place where I need monitoring but I put myself in this position, I will have to just deal until I am healthy enough for them all to kiss off. I say that with all love and affection for everybody that is helping me get healthy.

Total side note: I am at work posting and as I sit here and type there are 2 boys (guests of the hotel of course) in the kitchen/dining area using the microwave, loud and obnoxious. Every nerve in me is about to snap and send them to their room! As soon as their food is done cooking I may ask them to go back to their room, if their parents don’t like it then they can come out here with them and monitor them. So there.
Or better yet I should call up one of the trucker’s staying here tonight and have them handle it :oD
I am evil. I admit it.


5 thoughts on “Good, good, good.

  1. firebrunette

    Oh and shoveling snow. Let’s have a chat about that sometime. At home we at least have the snow blower on the tractor and a walk behind snow blower as well as our shovels. Here at work we are lucky enough to have 2 shovels! When it is snowing inches in minutes (only a slight exaggeration) and you have sidewalks all the way around a hotel to do it’s nearly impossible to feel like you accomplished anything. It at least is a lot easier to clear it on your way back around the second time.
    I wonder if I can figure out calories burned by shoveling snow. Depends on the weight of the snow. I need a scientist to figure that out.


  2. Justina

    I tried to post a comment a few hours ago and failed! This time I will save what I write. 🙂

    I think it’s great you are doing this work on yourself, getting help, taking care of yourself, etc. And putting on muscle looks (and feels) sooooo good! Keep us posted, with a nice booty muscle pic if that part goes well! 😉 And good luck with the pants!


  3. Suzanne

    I’m really happy to hear that you are focusing on your health and have enlisted some support to help you with that.

    We can be our own worst enemies, as cliche as I know that sounds – so I think it would be good for you to have someone reminding you to nourish your body, and to treat yourself well. You deserve a higher level of self-care, at the most basic level, even if you don’t think that you do, at the most basic level.

    Love you.


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