From Russia With Love…it’s needed

So here is a project, From Russia with Love, that I NEED to make…and pronto!! I find that shoveling snow in the wind at midnight with a windchill of well below zero kind of sucks.

I will make the face opening a bit smaller, knit it with a tad heavier yarn to match gauge resulting in a tighter fabric, not sure of a color yet. I am thinking cream, nice and versatile and easy to see my head at night poking out of my long black down coat. Although dark gray is really what I want. So maybe both. I could use both, one at home and one at work.
The Rain Drops Dress will only be put on hold until a few necessities are knit, or crocheted, we’ll talk about that in a second.


I had to start a new hat for Trevor last night. He has grown so much since last winter that he has NO hats that fit him!! And he spends hours outside playing every single day. I am just doing a simple Single Crochet Beanie with earflaps for him. Covering their ears is so important here with the wind.
I will most likely have to make him another the second I am done just so he has one at hand at all times. And another simple balaclava like the one he already has.


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