Fun Little Project Bag

While teaching a class at Knit & Pearl last night I saw she had some cute cotton, reversible project bags hanging in the window. My brain started buzzing!

Today I decided I needed to gift one of my dearest friends a sweater that I have been planning for her for a year or so. The project needed a home so I made myself one of these!

Fat Quarter project bag

Fat Quarter project bag

Baby Blatt Swing Jacket

Fat Quarter project bag

Fat Quarter project bag

I used 2 fat quarters and about 2 yards of velvet ribbon for the drawstring handles.

No pockets or anything, just somewhere to put a project to take with me and keep it protected.

Oh & it is reversible too!!
That makes me ecstatically happy even though I most likely won’t put the darker hand-dyed fabric on the outside, I like the asian print better ;o)

So, there you have it. NO more info on the gift sweater.

Ssssshhhhh It’s a secret……


0 thoughts on “Fun Little Project Bag

  1. Rowan

    My machine is going to be out the whole week after I get back (at least) and I think a few of these bags are in my future. I have some sweet little lace projects that I’d carry around and work on more except they feel so fragile, the malabrigo just doesn’t want to get rubbed against anything. Anyway, I’d love to make a few of these too. I’ll have to pull out the fabric and have a look see. This is darling.
    Oh, and about the sweater, that’s so sweet of you! The color is going to look awesome on me!
    rucka rucka bada boom!!


  2. Cori Dodds

    So dish on how you built the thing please?!? It looks like it might be a little square on the bottom… I think my sewing machine may be begging to get dug out from under all the ‘stuff’ that just ends up on the sewing table. I’m sure I could find some fabric in my stash (that hasn’t seen the light of day in several years!!). What a fun project!

    PS: I like a little positive ease in my sweaters.. 😉


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