Reversible Project Bag Tutorial

Since so many people liked my simple little bag I thought I would do a little tutorial.

Materials Needed: 2 fat quarters of coordinating fabric (or not, your choice ;o))
2.5 yards 3/8″ or 1/2″ ribbon, cut in 2 pieces 1.25 yards each

Finished size: 7.5″ tall, 13″ wide and 6″ deep

Take one fat quarter and fold it in half, right sides together, so it measures 10.5″ x 19.5″. Square off sides for a more precise sewing edge if you wish.

Sew 2 seams, one down each side.

Turn the top edge down and sew with 3/8″ seam allowance (one side should be the selvedge edge and that is the side I start with for a beginning clean edge).

Next I fold the fat quarter into a diamond shape to make the corners for the square bottom.

Measure up each side of the triangle corner 4″, using a straight edge mark a line across for sewing. Sew a straight line across, do not cut off the excess fabric triangle, it adds stability to the bottom of the bag. Repeat on both corners.

Now you are ready to do the same thing to the second fat quarter.

Once you have both fat quarters done you are going to fit one inside the other, wrong sides together and corner triangles of fabric to the bottom of the bag, matching the corner triangle seams inside.

You will see that the inside layer is sitting higher than the outside layer,

fold that over for your ribbon band.

Sew down using 5/8″ seam allowance, leaving 1/2″ openings at each side seam for you to pull your ribbons through. You may have to fold over a little pleat to take away the excess fold-over fabric.
Note: If you are going to use a larger ribbon you will need to fold down more for the ribbon to be able to fit through.

Starting at one side, draw ribbon through, all the way around coming out the side where you started.

Repeat through the other side. Tie ends and you are done!

You now have a drawstring, reversible project bag!!

11 thoughts on “Reversible Project Bag Tutorial

  1. Cori Dodds

    Adorable! And makes complete sense. I’m off to find what I need to get one made, and I think I need to hit the sewing machine tonight…


  2. Kaela

    I found a link to this page on Ravelry, and the idea looks awesome. I’m a little confused, though. Between picture two and picture four, you go from two seams down the sides and the top folded over to two seams crossing diagonally. How did you get two parallel seams to be two perpendicular seams just by “folding it into a diamond shape”?


  3. Chauntel

    You are folding the piece in picture 4 so that you can mark the corners to make the squared off bottom in picture 5. You don’t sew anything in picture 4, it’s just how you fold it to make a box bottom.
    I hope that answers your question!


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  7. firebrunette

    I am so glad to get such good feedback! I need to make another dozen or so of them to have on hand for gift bags for all occasions.


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