Accomplishing some things

I have finished a few things & doing my darndest to get my camera to take a few decent photos to show you all. I actually have gone back to using my old school 2.0MP fuji finepix camera. I have more options with it. Sad & a little scary ;o)

Of course we don’t need to talk about the fact that my Minolta dslr is still not fixed. I am too scared of how much it’s going to cost to take it in.

On to knitting.

I finished the BSJ for my sister’s baby.

BSJ Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted

I used Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted on size 6 needles to match gauge.

I also finished all the pieces and the collar on the Julia. Now it’s just time to sew the sleeves in.

That is the most true to life photo of the color I have come up with. I love it!

mmmmmm….fluffy yarn

I will give all details with finished photos.

My mom’s birthday is June 21st and I am tired of making her socks. I don’t think she would admit it but I think she’s tired of getting socks.  So, I decided to do something different.  She loves handmade gifts for the kitchen. My husband made her a hutch/cabinet/buffet for the kitchen a few years ago. They antiqued it a light butter yellow so I thought some fun placemats in the color of the decor would go swimmingly.


They are 17″ x 12″, crocheted in Peaches & Creme cottons using an F hook.

I am pleased with how they are turning out. I plan on doing a set of 4 with 2 being yellow with a blue stripe (as shown above) and 2 being blue with a yellow stripe.  I may throw in a few tunisian crochet hot pot holders too.

Speaking of cotton….ahem…the picnic blanket has reared it’s head again!



That is a stack of 25 squares that I made yesterday. I have 21 left to go and will be totally done with the crocheting of squares for the blanket. Since I have been assembling it as I went I will only have to sew on this last round of squares, weave in a few ends (I crocheted most in as I went I just haven’t cut them off yet) and be done! I do plan on making a carrying bag for the blanket for ease of portability. I have a feeling I am going to whip a striped one out on the knitting machine using all the same yarns, then attach handles. I may end up buying some webbing or another strong handle fabric instead of knitting or crocheting a handle. I want it strong, this sucker is heavy!

And I have to show off my lovely quilted coasters from Tracy.


That is some of my favorite fabric so I am very happy she chose it for me!

Thanks Tracy, I love them of course!!!

0 thoughts on “Accomplishing some things

  1. So glad you took photos of those coasters! I completely forgot. They are so cute!!

    I can’t wait to see the Julia sewn together, maybe it will be more incentive for me to finish up mine. 🙂

    How big will the picnic blanket end up? That is going to be a great beach blanket.


  2. I love the coasters from Tracy. What fun fabric. And the sweater for the baby is too cute. Mom’s placemats are looking great. She’ll love them (even if she won’t admit to being tired of getting socks). And how cool that the picnic blanket is getting closer to being done!


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