Well made plans…

I thought I could get enough yardage from the Velvet Grapes merino roving but I couldn’t. So, I am planning on figuring something else out. Not sure what yet. I like the idea of using Valley Yarns 2/10 Merino Tencel Lace Colrain Yarn Chocolate.

I only need one cone so it’s a relatively inexpensive way to go.

Or, I will at the last minute choose something from my stash ;o)

Being a procrastinator I am honest & open that I will put it off until the very last minute now that I planned ahead & my plan failed!

I am currently being a monogamist and working on Julia. Her front, back and one sleeve are complete. I am working on the second sleeve and hope to finish it tomorrow night. Then the sewing toghether and blocking on Wednesday if all goes well. Thursday I can move on! yay! I get to choose a new project to cast on and I have a feeling it’s a blanket. I need another blanket project like I need a hole in the head but I just can’t help myself.

EDIT: I ended up ordering Chocolate lace wool from 100 Pure Wool. Amazingly soft yarns and their colors are to die for!

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