Gettin’ ready to go!

The bags are about 50% packed. I have a canvas cube stacked full of things by the front door that go in the car. I have laundry piled up on my bed to be sorted for packing/staying.

Today is cleanout the fridge, all trashcans, change sheets day. Tomorrow the cartop carrier goes on and all bags put in Thursday afternoon. We leave Friday morning at 4am, drive straight through with minor stops for gas, breakfast, gas, lunch, gas, dinner, gas. Lots of gas. That part I am not looking forward to. I hate getting gas, I hate paying for gas. Blech.

Notice I haven’t mentioned knitting. I don’t know what to take! I have so many options now all of a sudden! I am on the schedule at Knit & Pearl to teach some spring classes so I have fun little things to make for the shop.  A BSJ using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Edgewater, a Mobius Cowl using Louisa Harding Cinnabar yarn in a turquoise/gold/tan colorway and a toe up magic loop sock using Alpaca sox (I haven’t started &I don’t have the yarn in front of me, brand & name are slipping my mind. OH, that’s what my stash in ravelry is for!! Hold please….) Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in Garden. Aha! I love ravelry.

Surprise, surprise!! Who just knocked on my door?? The FedEx man!! I love him too! Here’s what he brought me today.

Naughty Monkey open line green

naughty monkey open line green side

Naughty Monkey Open Line sandals in Green, obviously!

Naughty Monkey THe bomb pump 2

Naughty Monkey The Bomb Pump. I like to think of them as my biker-babe heels. I love them too! Can you tell I am bingeing on shoes a little bit? Well Ross last night didn’t help.

Dollhouse silver gray


These 2 brands are the perfect fit for my feet. High arches, lots of cushion, narrow toe box. It’s all good. Too bad our trip is to freezing ice & snow country so I can’t wear any of them. Oh, did I say I couldn’t? Well, I am taking one pair for Easter service. I don’t care if I have to get rid of necessities to make them fit!

Okay, back to knitting.

I love the Laminaria shawl, here are the details on ravelry. I had a good amount of it done when I realized that I just didn’t like the way the star chart wasn’t symmetrical. So, I ripped it all out and started over making the right hand side using the k3tog 3-into-3 and the left hand side using a sssk 3-into-3. Granted , if you haven’t looked at the charts or read the pattern or are not making it you will have no idea of what I am speaking.  I decided at that same time to move up a needle size from 6’s to 7’s so that I would get a more open lacework.  It’s gorgeous! The minimaiden Handmaiden yarn is absolutely scrumptious and just glides off the needles.

Laminaria 3/18

Laminaria 3/18 closeup

I really should have taken a picture of the difference before I ripped it out and started using the sssk 3-into-3. Well just imagine that those horizontal lines of dec on the left side going straight up and down and the right side still being horizontal.  Not the most pleasing to the eye. Now, if I were using a true laceweight yarn and larger needles it wouldn’t be noticable once blocked out. Since I am using a slightly thicker yarn it’s a more dense fabric and won’t block out as much.

Oh & a Special Thanks to Tracy who forgot her knitting bag last night and worked on my shawl for me! ;o) She is also doing the Laminaria out of the same yarn just using the Smoke colourway.
It’s beautiful in that color!


0 thoughts on “Gettin’ ready to go!

  1. Cori Dodds

    Sounds like things are progressing for the trip. And I completely understand that it’s harder to pack the yarn than the clothes, etc. I hope you have a great trip and a terrific Easter. Love the way the shawl is working up.


  2. johnathon

    Hey I had the same problem with my laminaria the star chart is in dif directions, but I kind of like it lol plus i didn’t notice till I was finished wit that part lol and was moving on to the transition part lol. yours is looking lovely btw


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