I love the internet

I held my mail on the USPS site 2 days before leaving.
You used to have to walk in and fill out a form.

I am having Salvation Army come & pick up the 6 bags of donations that have been in my car for weeks.
I have been meaning to drop them off, really I have.

I found out the weather  & road conditions for our whole drive there and back.
Not just the weather forecast for our destination.

It’s miraculous, this internet!
it’s also a time-suck


0 thoughts on “I love the internet

  1. Awesome! Not to freak you out, but the online mail hold does not always take effect… both my parents and us had heaps & heaps of mail in our boxes after long trips when we submitted online holds. Maybe it’s just us- I mean, that can’t happen to everyone!
    Have an awesome trip!


  2. What in the world did we do in the days before the internet told us everything we needed to know before we set out? And we did Evan’s permanent change of address online. It was great, and his mail started getting forwarded almost immediately! Please drive safe and have a most fun time!


  3. Truer words were never spoken. I became convinced it was a miracle when I changed the date for a standardized test online… and knew not one minute later that I had been assigned the test center/date I’d been trying to change to! When I took the SAT 12 years ago, it would have taken weeks to do the same thing.


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