And now for the yarn

We (Tracy, Suzanne, Liz and I) had a little field trip today over to Loop & Leaf in downtown SB. I hadn’t been in the store in a couple of months (and they have only been open for over 4 months) so I thought it would be fun to take my friend Liz down there. She’s a relatively new knitter and really finding it enjoyable. We are just immersing her in the knit culture right now & she’s loving it!

For the Laminaria shawl in the Spring Knitty I bought 2 hanks of Fleece Artist Mini Maiden in Cedar.

Mini Maiden Cedar
The pattern calls for Fleece Artist Suri Blue but she didn’t have any so this is a great substitute! My plan is to get this started, get comfortable with the pattern over the next week and take it on our drive to Idaho. We’ll be there for a week, then the drive home. I figure I can get at least 12 hours of good knitting time in on the drive to & from. There are 3 drivers, George, Tracy and I, so it will be a good, even amount of drive time between us.

I also decided it was time to try the Jamieson’s DK so I bought 2 balls; 1 Leprechaun (so appropo for the season) and 1 Rye. I plan on making a 2 colored hat of some sort. I will have to check my ravelry faves to see what’s in there.

jamieson leprechaunjamieson rye

She also had Frog Tree yarns and the sport weight pima cotton is so soft and yummy I had to get a ball for my nephew that’s on the way. A cute zeebee is in order with this yarn.

Frog tree cotton
It’s a great boy color and with him being a spring baby the cotton will be good for him through the chilly but not too cold evenings up in NorCal.

As soon as Julie at Knit & Pearl gets the red Silky Wool in that I am dying to have, I will have enough new yarn to keep me busy for a few years.



0 thoughts on “And now for the yarn

  1. Scrumptious delicious irresistible Mini Maiden, how I love thee in all thy multitudes of awesome colors. This is lovely lovely lovely. I already asked Tracy to bring hers on Monday, bring yours too so I can pet it a little pretty please.
    The only thing that kept me from being a cranky mad woman today was being on a huge beautiful empty wide beach on a gorgeous day, it was a consolation prize, but just barely. I’m so glad you guys had a fun trip.


  2. That Mini Maiden yarn is incredible. I love the colors, and it will make a beautiful Laminaria shawl. I think this is going to be one of those perfect yarn/pattern matches.


  3. Oh my. I just love hanging out at a yarn shop, and what you came home with is just amazing. And the brown Frog Tree will be just perfect. I love the color of the mini maiden, and if it is half as nice as it looks here, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. Please make sure you post pics from Mom’s so I can see the progress on the laminaria. I’m spending so much time with knitters lately that I may eventually have to make the conversion from hook to sticks. 😉


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