Ah, for the love of shoes

I am lucky enough to have a husband that supports my ‘habits’; yarn and shoes. Amazon had some Naughty Monkey and Sugar shoes on clearance, rock bottom prices that I just couldn’t pass up.

Black Naughty MonkeySugar ShoesSugar shoes back

These green and persimmon ones are by Sugar and oh how I love the detailing on them. I had to put inserts in because they were just a tad too deep for my narrow feet.

The top black pony hair retro heels are Naughty Monkey shoes……aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…..I love…..

The details on them are what sold me on both pairs & boy do I love overnight shipping for prime members on Amazon!

Next post, yarn pictures!!!

0 thoughts on “Ah, for the love of shoes

  1. Are you serious??? Dude, so jealous of the green ones. I love the look of the black ones but you know me and animal hair… :)) Those green ones are awesome.


  2. Wow! I love both of these pairs they are so adorable!! Cuteness x 2
    I must admit to some serious jealousy as well and I’m not a shoey!


  3. WOW!! i love those shoes!!! mm love sugar shoes.. i have it hink 4 pairs and told myself I had to stop.. but.. I think you just convinced me to start again… oh uh.. lol


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