Alright, so here I am!

Okay, all of my archives are moved over & I think I am ready to tackle a post.

The new Knitty is out today. Very lovely items but none as fantastic as the Laminaria shawl. Oh how it speaks to me! The green Estonian lace in a winged shape. Ah, how it makes me sigh. I guess I am feeling the need to move on to lighter knits now that we are in the full swing of spring here in SB.

I haven’t worked on much of anything in the past week. On Saturday I decided that it was time to pull out the Picnic Blanket & get it moving along again.


I have one more round of squares to crochet, that’s 34 squares more to make. I can do about 14 in a long day. Probably 6 in a regular evening. If I really push myself I could have it done to go on our picnic on Sunday. Of course, it needs a bag to be carried in so I will have to sew one up real quick like.

The single crocheting of all the squares together is another matter altogether. Yesterday all I was able to do is get two rows sewn vertically together. Today, one so far. The second isn’t far from being done and then I can move on to the horizontal seaming. See all those ends? For the most part they are all crocheted into the actual squares so I just need to go through and cut them all off. It would look much neater, don’t you think?

I ripped out the Transition Gloves as well as a pair of socks that just weren’t to my liking. I did a few rounds on the Venezia a few days ago. I am hoping that the Picnic Blanket will be my shining beauty to show I actually have done something useful!

0 thoughts on “Alright, so here I am!

  1. Yeah you love the Laminaria!! It’s so so pretty. Any thoughts on yarn choice? I happen to have Misti Alpaca, enough to do the shawl… Hmmm, feeling the need to cast on….


  2. It’s looking great! And getting it sewn together will go along. I hope you have it ready for the weekend picnic. And the shawl is just you. Love the pattern and the color in the example. Are you going to make it in green? It would be a good color for you . . . And you shouldn’t feel that you haven’t done anything useful. You are the most prolific knitter/crocheter of useful items that I know! 😉


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