Random finished item

I decided I wanted to try something different. So, I found the glove pattern I have wanted to make using the Sheep Shop, Sheep Number 3, yarn I got at Loop & Leaf.

Here they are!

Picot Edged Cashmere Gloves, is the name of the pattern by Insaknitty.

These were fast! Each glove done in a day. 5 hours a piece. Not too shabby. I love the yarn, its’ a wool/silk blend and it’s scrumptuous!

I cast on a pair for Tracy and am almost finished with the first glove. Just the pinky left to go. They will be perfect for Idaho in the frozen spring! I am using Claudia Hand Painted fingering yarn in Eat Your Veggies on size 3 needles for her pair. Here’s the yarn, I will post a pic of the finished glove later.



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  1. What a great best friend you are. ūüôā I love the yarn and the finished product. And you’re right, they will be great on the frozen tundra of springtime Idaho!


  2. She so is!! I can’t believe that she knit me a pair! They are done and sitting on my chair at home, waiting to be packed for Idaho.