Mock Grocery Bag

We found this tutorial on making your own lunch sack based on a plastic grocery bag. Using some fabric on hand, Tracy made one last night & it was so quick I wanted to make one today! So, I went to Craft Essentials and bought clearance fabric in a bunch of prints to make a few.


I chose 2 coordinating fabrics & started. An hour later I had this!






Isn’t it so cute?? I will be making a bunch more, some larger than this to be true grocery bag size and others just lunch sack size like this one.

You all should rush out & make one! Seriously!


0 responses to “Mock Grocery Bag

  1. Nice job!! I am so coffying you on some of those fabric choices. They are just perfect! And I will be able to use some of mom’s fabric to line them. Uh oh, I can feel a sewing frenzy coming on!!!


  2. Those are awesome! Although I haven’t sewn anything since my 20s, it makes me want to drag out the machine and whip some up. Totally cute.


  3. They are awesome! After you have made one it is hard to not make more. I could make one a day just for the fun of it. There are so many great printed fabrics out there now to choose from. Craft Essentials has a great selection and very comparable prices to other fabric shops.


  4. Well tonight we’ll get your machine all lubed and ready to go on a marathon sewing frenzy! Plus, you are almost done with your quilt top!!


  5. Oh, you’ve rejuvenated your love of sewing (at least for one really cool item). 🙂 Those are adorable and almost enough to make me want to go dig out my machine and start stitching away!