We are home!

Okay, not only was Stitches a lot of fun but the drive up was a lot of fun! I had Tracy laughing so hard that she almost crashed at one point. Of course after the fact it’s not something that’s all that funny but at the time she sure thought so!

So, we got to our hotel in Sunnyvale after midnight, checked in, put on our jammies, did some exercise to really wear ourselves out & proceeded to talk until almost 3am. Whooboy, did that lead to a giddy day at Stitches!?!

We got to the convention center a little after 10 & tried to come up with a plan. It was overwhelming. We decided it would be best to take a good walk around and then start our purchasing. We had a map, a notebook to remember where we had seen certain items & we had determination!

After all our planning on not making any purchases until we’d seen most of the booths we totally went straight to a Buttons! booth and bought some buttons.

Clear glass with metal edges. All 8 for $6. Nice!

Then we spent our time meandering, looking for certain yarns, booths, accessories. Then we realized, DUH, we hadn’t been to the Ravelry booth yet! Holy Crap Batman! What were we thinking?!?

We hightailed it over there and ran smack into Casey! Tracy was a bit starstruck, I wanted recognition ;o) That sounds so snarky doesn’t it? At least I am honest about being prideful! lol

His friend took the picture for us. We hung out for a bit, hassled him, hounded him, picked his brain. We were just peppering him with questions! It was rad.
Unfortunately Jess was taking boxes out and we didn’t get to meet her. Although, I will admit it, 5 hours later as we were leaving we saw her walking back into the convention center & both froze. We totally couldn’t ask for a picture! Lame dorks that we are, we acted all cool and walked on pretending we were interested in something else. I bet they are just floored by their celebrity at this point. I would be, after I drank it all in until I was drunk with joy. Again, honesty.

Here are a few more of my purchases from the Marketplace:

Newton’s cashmere/merino in red. The price on the hank says $15.75, we paid $6 a hank, 320 yards per hank.

This is their bulky acrylic in the most heinous orange! It was only $2 a hank and I bought the 3 they had. Tyler will love it when it becomes something. That boy & his love for orange.

Of course we made it to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth and dug in. I came out with a hank of str lightweight in Carbon Dating

And a hank of str mediumweight in Rare Gems. Specially dyed colorways for events that are just randomly mixed in with the rest of the yarns.
Again, orange, but with light blue mixed in this time. It will become something for myself. Or possibly a couple pairs of socks for Tyler and myself.

On our way out the door, directly across from the Ravelry booth, hanks & hanks of gorgeous sock yarn caught our eye.
This is 100% wool, Ellens Half Pint sock yarn in color New England Autumn. 500yards for $18

And here is the same yarn but in the Alaska colorway. Soft & smooshy, just gorgeous! Great price for such lovely dyed yarn.

Oh & of course there was a pattern purchased, from the Knitwhits stand.

So cute & versatile!

I am kind of surprised we didn’t buy more books or patterns while we were there. But, we were so overwhelmed by the amount of yarn to digest there was no way we could focus on it all!

Overall it was a great success & we had a rad time! Next year will be even better.