On a whim

After a lovely day in Solvang with Rowan and Suzanne on a yarn fieldtrip I got the hankerin’ to start something that I could finish quickly. As I told Tracy that I wanted to do a weekend sweater she suggested that I take a look at the Licorice Whip pattern.

Ages ago I had printed out the pattern and now with ravelry it was easier than ever to find & take a look in my stash to see what I had on hand in the correct weight. Lo & Behold I found I had a lot to choose from! Choosing a Araucania Nature Cotton in a drab olive green/yellow color I asked Sadie if she’d like a new sweater. She of course answered yes & off I went to cast on.

That is the neckline at the bottom of the picture. I chose not to do the sleeve lace insert and instead am doing them in solid stockinette. I love the simplicity of the top down raglan sweater. Roll collar and cuffs always make for a fast finish.

I am hoping to be done with it tomorrow. I am already halfway down the body under where I have separated for the sleeves. I hope to have the body and part of a sleeve done tonight. Lofty plans? Maybe!

oh…you wanna see what I got in solvang?? you know you do
Our first stop was The Village Spinning & Weaving Shop

On the right, the hank and on the left, the 2 wound balls of
 Peruvian Tweed Alpaca, Natural colored 100% alpaca 2ply worsted weight, 600 yards

Our second stop was Rasmussen’s where upstairs they have a good selections of yarns, fabric and needlework supplies.

I found 6 hanks of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Color 42, Rosehip. It’s exactly the color of the picture; a nice bright reddish orange. Just enough for a girly fit Cobblestone Pullover.

Now to actually finish something so I don’t feel guilty for all these sweater plans!


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  1. After all our discussion, I think that Silky Wool will turn out to be the perfect yarn for the girly Cobblestone. And I know you will wear it! It’s beeyootiful!


  2. Yes, that is going to be a perfect combo, the color and the fit.
    Totally perfect.
    Ahem, no guilt allowed on your own blog, Missy!


  3. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to the Solvang yarn stores! I love all your purchases and can’t wait to see the Cobblestone. That color rocks, especially for Firebrunette!


  4. I am doing my best to get some things finished over the weekend. I have a blanket that is a dozen rows or so from being done and the green gedifra sweater needs a second sleeve too. Sadie’s Licorice Whip is almost done through the body. I would love to cast on for the Cobblestone as soon as those 3 are done. Of course that would mean showing some self control and I just don’t know that I have it in me right now ;o)


  5. They are gorgeous and the sweater for Sadie is going to be adorable. I know what you mean about just needing to start something that can be finished quickly. I just love those kinds of patterns!


  6. Well I am totally selfish & only do what I want to do. THat’s how! Okay, you know I am mostly kidding. I actually get most of my knitting done at night after dinner until bedtime. Our house is so small that it’s too crowded to get housework done while we’re all home so I sit & knit. I also don’t have any little kids climbing all over anymore. That is a nice stage to be out of I must say. Although I do miss the babies. a lot.