Here’s how things are lookin’

I have been working on the Gedifra sweater mostly. I am finished with the back and front, the first sleeve is about half done.

I love this sweater. The color is exact in that picture. It’s so green & perfect! Perfect for St. Patty’s day.

I took 4 days off of the sweater knitting to make some socks.

I forced myself to find a pattern for Tracy’s Silkie Socks that Rock yarn in Gingerbread Dude. I love the simplicity of the pattern and the fit is great. It’s the Fanny sock pattern, here it is on ravelry and here it is on her website.

This is the first pair. The second pair are just about identical.

I made 2 pair out of one ball. Same pattern but with these changes for a better fit:

1) I cast on and did the ribbing on size 0’s instead of 2’s like the rest of the sock so they fit tighter & hopefully stay better on the ankle.

2) I did the ribbing on the arch and anterior of the foot only, not all the way around like in the pattern.

3) The second pair of socks have different colored toes because I ran out of the Gingerbread Dude yarn during the toe decreasing.

Overall I am very happy with the simplicity and quickness of the pattern. I will for sure be whippin’ more of these babies out. I always have leftovers of sock yarn that aren’t quite enough for another pair of full socks but this just may be the way to go. They took between 22 & 24grams of yarn. Not shabby!

I took the time to kind of try on my venezia sweater to make sure the bodice won’t be too tight. It went onto my shoulders & over my head fine so that is good enough for me to keep going on it! When it’s hanging off the needles it looks so ridiculously tiny. Well, it stretches nicely. Good to know! Now that I am back to 100% health I will be picking it up and loving it like I should.