I wonder…

…if Ravelry has just sucked the life out of most knitting/crochet blogs. I sure know it has taken a toll on mine!

I am currently addicted to the Gedifra sweater that I started last week. It’s been a very fun knit! I am finished with the front and back which means I get to cast on for 2 three-quarter length stockinette sleeves today. I can’t decide if I want to do them at the same time or separately. There are no real pro’s or con’s on the issue, it’s just what strikes my fancy when I sit down to cast on. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is going to be too big even though I knit the small size & my gauge is perfect. I added length to the body because I want a more tunic length style sweater. I am very excited to have it done soon!

The Venezia hasn’t had much work done on it lately. I had a bad head/chest cold and lost my motivation on it. I couldn’t follow the chart so the Gedifra sweater took over priority #1. Once the Gedifra is done I plan to re-focus on the Venezia. I am well into the armhole so the body shouldn’t take me more than a day or two to finish. Then the sleeves. I have yet to truly read the pattern so I am not quite sure what to expect. Are they in the round? Are they flat and then seamed? I have a sneaking suspicion they are in the round and that just makes my joints ache on such small diameter needles. Magic loop will be the trick with this one, not the 11″ circs I would normally use for sleeves in the round.

Speaking of sleeves in the round, the Trapeze jacket has taken a serious hit in the attention dept. This is where it’s at right now.

And for now that is where it’s staying ;o)

The sleeves in the round with tons of short rows for the shoulder shaping is killing my joints. I may need to beef up on joint juice before I pick this one back up!