Fun pictures

Saturday Tracy took a bunch of pictures for my ravelry projects page. We also had a little fun taking pictures of eachother. If you know us at all you know how animated we are in our talking. Stories can be so exciting!

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Sadie took this one of the 2 of us, I like it. I like all pics of the 2 of us.

(I am not really that much taller than Tracy, I am standing on the kids playset, just thought I would throw that out there ;o))

I had just made a ridiculously stupid face & boy am I glad she didn’t catch that on ‘film’.

Kind of like this picture, I think it’s what the kids see when I get upset at them.

Hands flapping & everything. Maybe not quite that smile though. The neck is right on…how lovely.

Here are some pics of finished sweaters I have done in the last few months.


And some oldie’s I pulled out to have pics of.


Tracy got a few good shots of Sadie, I love showing off how beautiful she is!


And one of Trevor with his cool patch on his forehead trying to keep his fever down.

Look at the glazed eyes, nice. He has a cold with fever that is a killer. It came on on Saturday and he’s still home from school today. I did take hi m this morning and by 11am they called & told me to come and get him. His cough was too much I guess.

I finished the Gedifra sweater yesterday but haven’t had a chance to get a good picture of it. That will come soon, we have plenty more sweaters to take pictures of!

Instead of starting another sweater I decided I would work on perfecting a runner’s sock pattern I am writing and get back to the Venezia.

Oh & I finished a blanket that Tracy & I have taken turns knitting on since 2004. Yes
, you read that right, 2004.

That will also have a picture coming soon.

I hope all of you are out there battling all these crappy colds going around, take care!


0 responses to “Fun pictures

  1. Those pictures are great!! I love the way you put them up there, right next to each other. That is so cool. That was a lot of fun, that picture taking session.

    That lil’ girl of yours IS beautiful. Reallyreally.


  2. I think we should do those pics way more often! Or just have George hijack the camera one day & get lots of shots of us in our normal Saturday routine. Coffee, knit, tea, knit, laundry, knit, computer, knit, eat, you knit, I clean, more knitting. Just like that!


  3. Oh, a vote! I hadn’t thought of that! I have some gems that I didn’t put up that would really make it a contest! lol Thanks for the idea Julie~


  4. Chauntel, you’re adorable!!! haha it looks like you guys had fun taking those pictures… It also looks like it’s warm out there in CA… I must admit, I’m really jealous. It’s gotten to the point where I think 40 degrees is warm and will walk outside in shorts and a t-shirt. That’s a little bit ridiculous.
    Well, I hope you’re doing well… and I like those sweaters!!!


  5. What fun! I love the pictures, and how you remind me of mom! The pics of Sadie and Trevor are just adorable. And the sweaters are gorgeous. And I must second Alyx in saying that when a 40-degree day seems warm enough for short sleeves and — well, not shorts at least not for me — my perspective is getting warped! You and Tracy are just too cute!


  6. Thanks! I love being told I am adorable. It makes me feel young again ;o)

    It’s warm here compared to where you are, that’s for sure! We average highs in the 50’s and low’s in the 40’s. I wouldn’t wear shorts & t’s until it’s in the 80’s! I am a Cali girl all the way!


  7. Okay, I will have to pull out some pics of mom at my age. I am the age when she had Scott so there have to be some around somewhere. I see so much of Stacy in me as I get older, just super dark hair compared to her super light hair.

    I would love to have some pictures of the 2 of us together, hint hint. You can always fly out here for a couple days ;o)) Love yoU!


  8. I think you need to get on making a Starsky! I know you would wear it all the time. Plus, it’s not like you don’t have any yarn to choose from ;o)