Not worthy

Okay, so in the kitchen I just knocked my camera off the counter and it won’t work. Lots of clicking & whirring noises. I suppose it’ll have to be sent in this time. I could use an old camera to take pics of the finished sweaters & hats. sigh.

I also suppose that means I am not worthy to have my dslr. I could knit a cozy for it so it’s got a little shock absorption.;o)

I finished 2 of the Drops Garnstudio Sweaters. One using Rowanspun Bulky in a dark green and one using Patons Shetland Chunky in Earth Brown. 4+ balls each. Not much yarn considering how fantastically it fits!

I finished the green one first, after reknitting the back 3 times to get the size/gauge correct. In my stash of vintage sewing items I found a set of 4 buttons that were perfect!

This is the true color of the yarn. I love it! I will get some better outdoor pictures soon hopefully.

The brown one is finished but I am waiting for my buttons to come from Etsy.

This sweater was so fast to knit that I completed all pieces on the 9 hour drive home from our Thanksgiving in Reno. Had it sewn together that night. Now it’s just the buttons. I can’t wait for them to arrive.

On to other projects.
I have finished another zeebee (or 2).

This one I used Patons Rumor yarn that I got on sale at Michaels.

The gauge was so large that I only had to cast on 26 sts and do 5 wrapped sts. It’s large enough for the largest head with the negative ease. Into the Christmas pile it goes!

I have to say that I am worried this Holiday season is going to go by too fast. I love the Holidays. I love Christmas, the parades, the shopping. This year we will be spending our week before Christmas in Disneyland. My birthday in Disneyland! I am so excited for it I can hardly wait. We’ve never taken the kids when the Park is decorated for Christmas. That will be fantastic to see with them! I need to make us matching beanies. We decided that it’ll be easier to find & keep eachother if we all have matching hats. I am thinking Zeebees in red/white/grey. The only thing is that I am not sure the stripes will look alright. I would like to do stripes every 2 rows I think. We’ll see once I get one going. I may end up doing a simple knit striped hat, JCrew style.

I teach my last class of the year tonight, the Zig Zag Modular Scarf. It’ll be a fun class, it’s a fun knit!


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  1. So, so sorry to hear about the camera. I hope it ends up OK. And how great are those sweaters. Absolutely fabulous, and I just love the buttons on the green one! Ooooh, I am jealous about Disneyland. And at Christmas, too… Just take lots of pictures of you and the family in your awesome matching hats!


  2. I starting to notice a pattern with you and cameras…Dr. Destructo!:-) Love the sweaters and the buttons. I’ve been cruising through the Drops patterns (There’s so many!) and hope to try one sometime. Have fun in Disneyland…


  3. Beautiful! And that button… I love the detail, so intricate.
    I’m also glad I’m not the only one who destroys technology, though I hope your camera comes back from the dead.


  4. Maybe you are doing too many “Drops” patterns – now you have the dropsies!!! Sorry to hear about the camera. Hope it gets well soon. Sweaters are wonderful as is everything you make. We went to Disneyland on Thanksgiving one year. The very next day, it was fully decorated for Christmas. This happened overnight! Truly amazing. Have a great, great time and a wonderful birthday.


  5. That really stinks about your camera!
    And I’m so jealous about Disneyland! That’s so exciting! You better take some pictures of everyone and their matching hats!!!!
    Love you!


  6. Hey! Be nice…this camera came damaged from lack of use and once it was working again it’s been fine. With dslr’s it doesn’t take much to damage them. sigh. My very first Fuji digital camera that I bought in 2000 is still going strong no matter how many times it is bumped, banged, dropped, doused with water, etc. SOmetimes you have to bang it in order for it to turn on ;o) Maybe some habits die hard!


  7. Well the camera is working for now, i just can’t turn it off or when I turn it back on it won’t take pictures again. The shutter hates me. But, we’ll have at least 1 great camera at Disneyland and take way too many pictures I am sure!