Beach Saturday

Tracy went & posted that I would have pictures of our beach trip on my blog. Fine, I can post them.

We had a great late afternoon/ sunset walk at our local beach. Sadie was with friends doing charity christmas gifts at their church so she wasn’t with us. That is why she’s not in any of the photos ;o)

George even managed a few shots of Tracy and I on auto-settings with my semi broken camera that cannot be turned off or it won’t take pictures ;o) It’s been on for 3 days now and still has full battery power. Amazing!

I took some fun shots of Tracy taking shots

It’s a little out of focus, wrong setting but I think it’s fun to see how many positions we put ourselves in to take decent pictures. She has some funny ones of me with my legs all tweaked in different angles.

Tracy got a great one of the 4 of us (remember Sadie was with friends, it’s too bad, it would be a RAD family picture).

It was a fun hour on the beach at sunset!

Here are a few more random shots.