What the heck’n’hell fire?!?

I totally posted twice in the last week and even received comments on one of them and now they are “POOF” gone.

Here’s the gist of what I had to say…

I have finished nothing. I have knit the back of one sweater 3 times, the third time was the charm. Now I am past the 2 fronts and 1 sleeve, working on the 2nd sleeve.

I still have about 8 beanies to do before Christmas, no biggy. I plan on working on them as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

I had a stupid root canal (totally not planned, out of the blue, emergency type) on Wednesday, the night I was supposed to be teaching the Zig Zag Scarf Modular Class at Knit & Pearl. Lame! It’s rescheduled for after Thanksgiving and I really, really hope that works for everyone!

Let’s see, what else? It’s been super busy at school with the kids. All 3 had parent teacher conferences and minimum days this entire last week. That means not a whole lot got done. More trips to the library, zoo, park and one trip to the city college to do the stairs with Tracy. That’s what it was! A whole post on how bad ass Tracy & I are for tackling the stairs!!! Damn! That was a rad post too. What the h#$l?? Now I am even more upset that it’s gone. That was fun with pics & everything.
Okay, I guess I will have to redo it here & now.

Last Monday, Veteran’s Day, all the kids were home from school but I had my plans already set to go exercise with Tracy. Sadie brought along her camera, here’s the sitch.

Here are the steps at the Santa Barbara City College football field.

That’s Trevor down at the bottom and Sadie partway up.

That is one long haul people. We go up one, pushups and stretch, down one, situps, up one, pushups and stretch, down one, situps, up one, pushups and stretch, down one, situps, up one, pushups and stretch, down one, situps. Sometimes we do 2 at a time up, sometimes we run them single, sometimes we walk, sometimes we do side steps front and back up. Most of the time we jog down.
We are shooting for Monday, Wednesday & Friday. So far we are doing alright but not hitting our mark every week. Emergency root canals & the like.

Here is Tracy feeling rather accomplished!

Here is the view of the Pacific & Channel Islands from the top. The view makes it all worthwhile!

Tyler was with us too but the reason he’s not in any pictures is because when we were on set 3, he had just finished set 5 and was done. He went down to the football field to play and cool down a bit. The kid was determined to get those stairs done and done well! Good for him!
The one picture we did get was his version of stretching beforehand.

I love my kids.

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