I am finally a little bit Cool

After years of being an outsider in the mp3/ipod craze I am finally an official member of the Cool Club.

Silver 4GB ipod nano. Simple as that. When I ordered it I also bought a silicon skin with an armband for running with it. I also bought an fm transmitter & radio receiver to use it in the car and in the house with the surround sound system. Once I can steal it back from Sadie, I will be sync’ing a CSI episode that I just downloaded to see how it works to watch tv shows, movies, videos, etc.
I have a feeling that it will get much use! It can hold photos & home videos as well. With the 4gb’s I am not sure I will use it for that but it’s cool that it’s there.

So, that was my surprise for the day. I consider this my yearly salary. Well, besides being able to stay home all day every day and not leave the house if I don’t want to. Although the kids drive me out of the house regularly ;o)

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