I am finally a little bit Cool

After years of being an outsider in the mp3/ipod craze I am finally an official member of the Cool Club.

Silver 4GB ipod nano. Simple as that. When I ordered it I also bought a silicon skin with an armband for running with it. I also bought an fm transmitter & radio receiver to use it in the car and in the house with the surround sound system. Once I can steal it back from Sadie, I will be sync’ing a CSI episode that I just downloaded to see how it works to watch tv shows, movies, videos, etc.
I have a feeling that it will get much use! It can hold photos & home videos as well. With the 4gb’s I am not sure I will use it for that but it’s cool that it’s there.

So, that was my surprise for the day. I consider this my yearly salary. Well, besides being able to stay home all day every day and not leave the house if I don’t want to. Although the kids drive me out of the house regularly ;o)


0 responses to “I am finally a little bit Cool

  1. What do you mean a “little” cool?!? Of course you are ultimately cool. I love my iPod mini that I got a few years ago. I have a transmitter that lets me run it through my car radio, and that’s about it. But the mini doesn’t have a color screen, so no video or photos. Just music. So glad you have joined the revolution!


  2. I wouldn’t even think about moving if it weren’t for my iPod. They are perfect incentives for healthier living and exercise.


  3. Get off Ravelry already! : )

    I’m hoping Santa brings me and iPod! I’ve been hinting not too subtly for months now! : )


  4. You should tell my mom how much you love that iPod and use your influences to convince her to get me an 8gig for Christmas…. just saying… hehe.

    I like it, though. You are officially way cooler than me.

    Oh, and I have a little bit of a favor to ask. I’ve been running outside at night for the past few weeks, and it’s been a little bit chilly. This makes sense, because I am in Nebraska, but I don’t wear a beanie because my hair is usually pulled back. Mom said you can knit those ear warmer headband things (I obviously have no idea what they’re actually called), and I was wondering if you could maybe, possibly make one for me???



  5. hey! Don’t boss me to get off ravelry! teehee ….I vaguely remember this one girl who doesn’t have a blog anymore……

    I really haven’t had much to talk about lately. On ravelry or here. Nothing new finished, no amazing ideas. Just kinda blah…sorry ;o)


  6. I have to say I am so glad I waited until I got one and ended up with a newer version. It really is so cool that I can put movies, tv, etc on there.


  7. Since when are you running??????????????? I’m jealous! After the baby *sigh* You know one of my life’s goals is to become a trail runner?!



  8. Well considering I was the Queen of the 13 minute mile in High School it’s rather shocking I started running!

    I wish I could say I was a good runner. Alas, I am not. I am a determined runner though so that counts for something. You won’t be seeing me in any marathons anytime soon, my lungs hate me. Too sedentary for too long has wreaked havic on my insides! My heart, lungs and who knows what else hate me everytime I do something more than walk across a room. But, with persistence I will become a decent runner. That’s all I hope for. Good health and a little bit of muscle under all the destroyed baby body ;o) YOur body of course, will bounce right back and not have any of the devastation mine endured!

    Trail running would rock! That makes me think of Sly Park Trail. Ahhh, dream running real estate. Hey, when the babe is born, you are in shape, I will come up there all by my lonesome just to run it with you. What ‘dya say??