Loop & Leaf

Tonight I had the pleasure of shopping at the new yarn shop in town, Loop & Leaf. Celeste the owner is a fantastic gal! The shop is gorgeous. Light, airy, yet warm and inviting. Her selections of yarn is to die for. Seriously, TO DIE FOR! ShibuiKnits, Jamieson, Cherry Tree Hill, Sheep Shop Yarn, Fleece Artist, Hand Maiden, Tilli Tomas and others I am sure I am forgetting. Oh, Mongolian Cashmere. Plus some more.

All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe we now have a third yarn store here in Santa Barbara that has a completely different yarn selection! I was so happy. So very, very happy.

And, as Tracy will point out, she has her yarns grouped by colour. ‘Nuff said. It rocks.

I had to purchase, the christening of a new yarn shop is always a must.

Sheep Shop Yarn Company
Color G124 in Sheep Number Three sport weight yarn

ShibuiKnits Merino Alpaca
Color Pagoda, dark orange

I plan on designing a hat to show off the beauty of the merino alpaca Shibuiknits. It’s an unbelievably beautiful yarn. A piece of art really. The color saturation and variation in shades in the spin & ply of the yarn is deep and rich.
I am very excited to knit with it. I love when a yarn speaks to me!

Off to ball up my 2 new pretties!!!

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