Now for my own knitting

Deadline knitting is done. I have finished the Brioche Scarf for my class and also modular knitted coasters for another class. I will continue to make some more coasters out of different yarns as examples for in the store but the main coasters are done. They are a great little scrap yarn project. You could give a set of tonal colored coasters as a gift instead of all out of the same yarn. Great way to get rid of random leftovers.

Both still have to be blocked. The scarf I am not too concerned about blocking really. It would take forever to dry if I washed it so I am thinking I will just take it down to the store today for display along with some of the coasters. I used Araucania Patagonia cotton for the coasters on size 8 needles and Lamb’s Pride Worsted for the scarf. I plan on using some SWTC Bamboo, Cotton Fleece and some other fun, variagated wool blend once I can dig one out, to make some more coasters for display.

Other than that I can now return to the knitting I want to do. Like the Trapeze Jacket. Some more socks with new sock yarns I have acquired as of late. It’ll be fun!

Change in plans; after visiting Julie at Knit & Pearl we decided that the coasters weren’t what she wanted to do. So we decided on doing a modular scarf instead. Fine by me! But it means I now have one more thing that has to be knit on a ‘deadline’. I cast on as soon as I got home and should be able to finish it in the next couple of days, maybe sooner if I really buckle down and get it done. We are using the Artyarns Zigzag modular scarf pattern by Iris Schreier and Ty-Dy yarn in Magenta Moss. I am hoping that with 1 ball of yarn we’ll be able to get a 60″ scarf instead of the 72″ scarf that would take 2 balls. We’ll see how far I can get this yarn to go! So far it’s knitting up beautifully. So soft for a 100% cotton yarn. Pictures coming soon!


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  1. I’m glad you feel like you can get back to projects you want to do. The scarf is a fun reversible pattern! And the coasters look like a quick, easy fun knit and a great way to get rid of scraps. I’m looking forward to seeing updates of the trapeze jacket!


  2. Well not quite so fast. We decided not to do the coasters & do a scarf instead. So I got the yarn &pattern for that to get knit up in the next couple of days. It’s a yarn I have wanted to try for a long time though so I don’t mind having to knit with it. That trapeze jacket may never get done at the rate I’m going now. ;o)


  3. I saw the Brioche scarf down at Knit and Pearl and love it! I want to take the class, but we already have plans to be out of town on that Saturday. I’m trying to convince hubbie to come back early so I can take the class. Heh heh… Artyarns has some really nice scarf patterns. PS – After a quick tour, I also got Julie to sign up for Ravelry.


  4. Sweet on getting Julie to sign up! I have hounded her but not pushed too hard. Nicely done!

    I also think it would be good of her to host a weekly knit group. Just a thought if you wanted to start pushing that for me too ;o)

    THe brioche scarf is nice. I am making another in cotton fleece for a more usable weight for us in SoCal. It’ll be great!


  5. Brilliant minds think alike! I’ve been thinking, why not a weekly knit group at K&P? My best day is Saturday or Sunday, but I could be there from 12:00 to 1:30 any day of the week. And you know, whenever you go in to a knitting store, it’s rare that you don’t leave with something (this is for Julie).


  6. Well I think a daytime knit group would be fantastic! Something out of the ordinary. They are always in the evenings and who says we can’t do it during the day? I will mention it to Julie too ;o)