Single Crochet Beanie Pattern

Single Crochet Beanie  (as seen on my kids in dozens of previous photos)



Worsted weight yarn

Size H or I hook

Chain 3, join with sl st

SC 6 in ring

Rnd 1: 2sc in each sc around, mark beginning of round with tail from chain cast on, 12 sts

Rnd 2: *1sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc; rep from * around

Rnd 3: *1sc in 2sc, 2sc in next sc; rep from * around

Rnd 4: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 3 sc; rep from * around

Rnd 5: *1sc in 4sc, 2sc in next sc; rep from * around

Rnd 6: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 5sc; rep from *around

Rnd 7: *1sc in 6sc, 2sc in next sc; rep from * around

Rnd 8: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 7sc; rep from *around

Rnd 9: *1sc in 8sc, 2sc in next sc; rep from * around

Rnd 10: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 9sc; rep from * around

Rnd 11: *1sc in 10sc, 2sc in next sc; rep from *around

Rnd 12: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 11sc; rep from * around

Rnd 13: *1sc in 12sc, 2sc in next sc; rep from * around

Round 14 until the hat is the desired length: sc in all sts around and around and around

I hope by this point you see the pattern emerging. I usually go to Rnd 13 for a mans hat, Rnd 11 for a youth or womens hat, Rnd 10 for a childs hat, Rnd 9 for a toddler hat and Rnd 8 for a baby hat.

This is more of a guideline pattern, you can make your first hat and then adjust the crown rounds to your desired size adding increases if needed by doing more rounds in the set pattern.



0 responses to “Single Crochet Beanie Pattern

  1. I love the hat, and I think I can make it. It’s small enough of a project to try my hand a crochet. I’ve only done edgings up to now. Thanks for the pattern!


  2. You have been a busy woman posting all those patterns! Thanks so much for the single crochet hat pattern. I am looking forward to trying it and seeing if I can make it work. For some reason, every one I have tried up to now comes out about twice the size of any normal human head! I have just stuck to my tried-and-true dc pattern. I’m determined to beat the sc demon!


  3. Tracy can chime in if she wants but this was the first crochet project she did. It’s comprehensive, no crazy joins with slip stitches & chains. Just single crochet around & around after the crown increasing is done. You can always email with questions. Striping is always fun with this pattern, willy nilly stripes are as easy as just joining a new color every few rows. Have fun with it!


  4. The crown increasing always looks smaller than the actual hat circumference ends up being. Don’t think it looks too small just trust the pattern and see how it ends up. You may crochet looser or tighter than I do so you may need to adjust how many increase rounds to do on the crown. It’s almost too simple of a pattern once you get the hang of it. I love whipping a hat or two out in a little free time, the kids love it too!


  5. Yes, this was the first crochet I ever tried. And it was surprisingly easy, enough so that I have continued to crochet. I actually enjoy this pattern because of how repetitious it is. It’s like stockinette…so if you are having an off day, this can be started and finished in an afternoon without any thought.


  6. Wow, oh wow. I am a beginner at crocheting and I took this beanie pattern and ran with it. The first was for my teenage grandson and you know that older boys like plain and black hats. I made the beanie and since I gave it to him he hasn’t taken if off since. He even wears it in the house??? What is that all about? On Thanksgiving Day I measured the heads of the 5 other grandsons ranging from 2-13 and upon returning home I started one for the oldest and today it will be finished. Only 4 more to go before Christmas!!!!!!!! Of course I modified it with a different stitch on the last 3 rows. I am making them out of the new soft yarns medium weight and black, black, black. Thank you.