On hold

Mom has requested a white, white vest. I chose the Pink Mimosa vest from IK summer ’06. The yarn was a difficult choice. She wanted/needed it washable and superwhite. I chose to use a full acrylic yarn after much debating and perusing through the internet and a few local shops. Bernat  Softee Baby had the perfect gauge, softness, not too much scary acrylic shine and  it is white.

I am through the back to the underarm shaping. I want to finish it by Thursday to get it sent to her on Friday. It’s so much stockinette! Boring to knit but it does go quickly. I wish it went faster though ;o) 

I have a few requested knits that are trumping my work on the Trapeze Jacket. Tyler’s brown bear socks are too small. I swear for years his feet stayed the same size & now they are skipping sizes they are growing so fast! I have some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Bark that I will use to make him a new pair. And, he’s outgrown all his handknit sweaters. There is one he keeps forcing onto his body. He is in desperate need of a sweater. With the kids growing up it’s not so easy to just whip out sweaters for them. Wait until they are grown teenage guys! That’s a scary thought….erasing from memory….

Friday night I got so bored with all the stockinette on the white Mimosa that I pulled out a random ball of Tahki Cotton Color and made myself another Panta. It’s a great knit and one I actually wear/use.

I have given away all 6 that I made previously. I will be making many more to use walking the kids to & from school. With the wind we get here my ears ache like crazy! It’s nice to be able to cover them without wearing a full hat.

I hope everyone’s weekend went well & your week is wonderful!


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  1. I am so with you on the boring white stockinette stitch thing. I’ve been agonizing over my own “BWSS” thingy for too long now. Luckily, all it needs is some groovy neck band and I’m outta there. Fortunately, it does look good on me, though. Lucky for it, or it’d be a dishrag by now.:)


  2. Well I am glad to hear that your white stockinette nightmare is almost over! We need to stick together on our terrible knits! But you are right, so often they turn out so terrific that it makes it all worth the effort. Kinda like childbirth….the pain disappears almost immediately!


  3. I love the Panta! I know another kid that whines when her ears get cold (not that I’m calling YOU whiney). I checked out the pattern and have it saved.


  4. You may call me a whiner when it comes to my ears aching for sure! Other than that I never whine! How dare you suggest such a thing! ;o)

    The Panta is one of my favorite quick knits, it takes about 2-3 hours. Good movie knitting.


  5. Ugh, I can see why you would be bored. What in the world does mom need a white vest for? But on a brighter note, I love the Panta, too. And knowing how those earaches run in the family, I know exactly what you mean, and the wind never stops blowing here (at least it seems like it). I love those little cover-the-ears-not-a-whole-hat things, too!


  6. I have a bunch of nice white yarn I need to make into a sweater, but now I think I might just cast on those socks! I love the head band. It looks like a perfect coastal weather item! Warm, but not too warm.