On hold

Mom has requested a white, white vest. I chose the Pink Mimosa vest from IK summer ’06. The yarn was a difficult choice. She wanted/needed it washable and superwhite. I chose to use a full acrylic yarn after much debating and perusing through the internet and a few local shops. Bernat  Softee Baby had the perfect gauge, softness, not too much scary acrylic shine and  it is white.

I am through the back to the underarm shaping. I want to finish it by Thursday to get it sent to her on Friday. It’s so much stockinette! Boring to knit but it does go quickly. I wish it went faster though ;o) 

I have a few requested knits that are trumping my work on the Trapeze Jacket. Tyler’s brown bear socks are too small. I swear for years his feet stayed the same size & now they are skipping sizes they are growing so fast! I have some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Bark that I will use to make him a new pair. And, he’s outgrown all his handknit sweaters. There is one he keeps forcing onto his body. He is in desperate need of a sweater. With the kids growing up it’s not so easy to just whip out sweaters for them. Wait until they are grown teenage guys! That’s a scary thought….erasing from memory….

Friday night I got so bored with all the stockinette on the white Mimosa that I pulled out a random ball of Tahki Cotton Color and made myself another Panta. It’s a great knit and one I actually wear/use.

I have given away all 6 that I made previously. I will be making many more to use walking the kids to & from school. With the wind we get here my ears ache like crazy! It’s nice to be able to cover them without wearing a full hat.

I hope everyone’s weekend went well & your week is wonderful!

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