A whole lot of white

I am just going to say it outloud, I hate white stockinette. I am finding myself not knitting at all just so I don’t have to knit white stockinette anymore. I even took the last piece of the white mimosa for my mom with me to my women’s bible study yesterday morning & worked on it there. I am only about 5″ from being done with the last piece. It’s only 30sts so I can finish quickly, I just don’t want to do it. Then it’s seaming and picking up to do the lace edging. Now that I want to do! Get into something pretty & lacy. Something that won’t make me snow-blind.

I worked for an hour at Knit & Pearl yesterday, voted for myself in the contest that’s going on ;o) Although I am sure I won’t win. In all honesty, there are some really fantastic knit items in the contest and I just don’t see mine winning when others are so much more fantastic.

I will be going to the Anniversary party on Saturday & I hope to see a bunch of you there! I am also hoping there will be some people, coughlaurathuycough, that I haven’t seen in a long time. I drop by most Thursdays & lately I have seen Leslie almost weekly ;o) That’s been fun.

So, no pictures in this post but tomorrow I will have white, lacy edging to show off!

Now, I am off to the new knit shop in town, Cartigan’s/Cardigan’s I don’t know the spelling yet, to see what she has in stock & introduce myself.