Weee…look at me…I’m on a Trapeze

Let me start at the beginning. A few weeks ago I was in Knit & Pearl browsing, chatting, being a general nuisance and Julie showed me the new Stitchdiva patterns she just got in. To my heart’s delight there was a pattern, the Trapeze Jacket, I had never seen before by a designer I heart dearly, Jordana Paige. I had  to have it. Julie didn’t even have it in the computer yet but she let me take it anyways with the promise she could easily hunt me down if I never came in to pay for it (right, like I don’t go in at least once a week!).

Then, last Thursday night at knitting I was sitting next to second wife (Tracy, if you don’t know already) and she was casting on for her Tangled Yoke Cardigan using Silky Wool. I kept petting and squishing the ball that was disturbingly, desirably close to my thigh. Friday morning I couldn’t handle the anticipation anymore and went in to Knit & Pearl for a Silky Wool fix (granted I have some in my stash but it already has a project assigned to it). I bought all she had on the shelf in Olive #14 thinking of doing the Tangled Yoke like Tracy but then after getting home a lightbulb went off in my little head.
DING, the Trapeze Jacket, you DORK!
I cast on that night. Now, after a long holiday weekend I am through the back, shoulder, fronts, armholes and am working the body back & forth. I have about 10 more inches to go on the body  then the sleeves & voila! Fini! of course that is after I pick up and do the collar as well as the front button placket. Of which, I am very excited to go buy buttons for. Button shopping is a fun thing for me. Don’t know why, I just dig it.

I love the flow of the 1×1 slip rib moving into 1×2 ribbing gradually flowing into 1×3 ribbing. It makes me happy

So that is what I will be working on at home. Tomorrow Tracy has to have her wisdom teeth out so I am her driver/emergency contact. I will be at the dentist office with her as long as it takes so many small projects will be awaiting me in my knitting bag to keep my attention.

Oh & I got bored last night so I made a dishcloth using some of the Sugar n’ Cream stripes they just got at Michael’s


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  1. Oh what a lovely jacket. And the striped sugar-n-cream is really fun…especially since it’s on sale this week. I didn’t see the new stripes when I was in on Monday. What fun projects you have going!


  2. I remember when I first started knitting and we both fell in love with WoolEase. I think I made everything I could out of WoolEase. Now that I’ve grown up in my knitting, I feel that Silky Wool could be the substitute (albeit much more expensive) to WoolEase. I LOVE it!!

    Thanks again for taking care of me. :)) You are the bestest friend ever! BFF’s!


  3. Hey my dearest sister, I forgot to share some fun and exciting news: the Yarn Harlot — yes, Stephanie McPhee herself is going to be in Wichita next Sunday, and I will get to see her. I know that I not a knitter (maybe someday), but even we crocheters can appreciate anyone who loves yarn. Our local bookstore booked a signing with her. yea! Do you have any requests for signed anything?


  4. I hope you have a lot of fun seeing Stephanie! I hear she is really entertaining!

    And, I did catch your error but figured you were just typing too fast ;o) Kinda like how fast we talk, leaving out words, cutting eachother off, talking over eachother ;o) You know, like sisters do!


  5. I also can’t wait to see it finished but mom called yesterday & has requested a knit item so my Trapeze is on the backburner for a week or so. Sad, so sad. But glad mom wants more of my knit stuff ;o) I love moms!


  6. Tangled Yoke is looking beautiful! I have the yarn for mine and will be starting sometime next week, as a reward for sticking with the LSAT prep while finishing off two WIP’s.
    I like the dishcloth. Striped Sugar n’ Cream? I don’t think I’ve ever tried the striped version.


  7. Yup, it’s Sugar N Cream Stripes, I got it at Michaels. It was fun to see the stripes knit up.

    The sweater is the Trapeze Jacket from Stitchdiva, not the Tangled Yoke (although I did initially buy the yarn to make the TY).

    It will be fun to see your TY get started!