More fancy yarn

I had a credit at the Loopy Ewe from being a loopy groupie (I won’t tell you how much you have to spend to become one of those, it’s more than I want to admit). I decided that with that $25 I wanted to get something expensive. Something that I wouldn’t normally buy.

Behold the loveliness of Schaefer Andrea in Greenjeans

100% cultivated silk in a generous 1093 yd

It’s fantastic! Enough to do a whole shawl like the Hanami by Melanie Gibbons. Gorgeous!

I havent’ knit one stitch yet today. I have spent about 6 hours on Ravelry though. Trying to get my stash totally listed. I still have to do pictures of each yarn though. A lot of yarns I have pictures for already I just have to go back through all 451 yarns (you read that right, I have 451 different yarns in my stash) and add the photos. Big task.

I won’t even talk about the projects task. Most projects I finished in the past I didn’t photograph. Now, I have to dig through our closets, email all recipients of gifts and ask for photos. No biggy. It will just take me the next year to get it all in there. It’s a fun project to undertake though. The resource that Ravelry is is nearly unbelievable (and rather overwhelming to say the least) and it’s still in it’s Beta phase. Soon, it will be whole & new & so useful it’ll take months to see it all!

My knitting/crocheting goals for the weekend are to first, get caught up on clues 5 & 6 of the Mystery Stole. Second, I would like to finish the back of the Joy cardigan from Rowan 41. I only have 3 inches left until I switch from the lace pattern to the solid crochet pattern. Then it will go even faster!


0 responses to “More fancy yarn

  1. What beautiful yarn! I’m on the waiting list for Ravelry. Guess I better be prepared to devote more time on the old computer when I get the go ahead.


  2. Okay, the Hanami would be beautiful out of that silk yarn! That’s a grand idea.

    Good job on your Ravelry work yesterday. ūüôā


  3. Wow, beautiful! I haven’t had a needle or hook in my hands for ages (really about a week) and I can’t wait for the kids to go back to school next week and have some quiet time in the mornings before I go to work. Love you!


  4. Oh yes! You will need more time than you think! With all of the forums, patterns, your stash, your projects, everyone else’s stash, everyone else’s projects, it is one major time suck!


  5. I am doing my best not to count days until the kids go back to school, they will go too slowly that way. And, I know I won’t get nearly as much done as I think I will having them gone.