I find this funny

I made my mom some socks for her birthday in June. Monkeys using Lorna’s Laces in Watercolor from The Loopy Ewe.

She loved them so much she entered them in their county fair.

They took the blue ribbon.

It’s on it’s way here & now maybe she’ll wear the socks. That is what they are supposed to be for, after all.
Thanks to my Pop for sending me the pictures.

I really do think this whole thing is so funny! They are just a pair of Monkey socks, everyone & their mother has knit them. Mine weren’t even without mistakes, they were a quick knit gift for my mom. Well she says I shouldn’t be so modest, I just chuckle.



0 responses to “I find this funny

  1. I see you saying that with your hand up in a rockin’ sign! Lemme’ tell yah, Idaho needs some rockin’!


  2. What a great story. Now you have something to put on the refrigerator! Moms know quality work when they see it.


  3. Dude, you SO rock Idaho. They ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!!

    Congrats on your first place! Do we need to buy a shadow box in which you put the socks and the ribbon for all to see??


  4. I won’t have the socks! I am going to have to twist my mom’s arm for her to actually wear them. I do think I will take Cindy’s idea & glue myself a magnet to the ribbon & put it here on mydesk magnet board hehehe


  5. She told me she was going to enter them, and I told her they would probably win (she agreed) and we were right! You do so rock Idaho (and you are right, it is a state that could use a little rocking!). I’m so glad to see the blue ribbon, and no need to be so modest. I brag on you all the time to everyone I know…