The joy of Joy

My Rowan 4 ply Cotton in Opaque arrived today, all the way from the UK. It didn’t take me much time at all to get started working on Joy from Rowan 41.

And here is the start of Joy

I know, I know. I have a lot of projects going on right now. But really, it’s only 3 I am actually working on; the Mystery Stole, the Sahara and now Joy. I got the swatch & all done for the aluminum shaped lace tee but decided that Joy should come first. I have been anxiously awaiting this project and now I can begin!


0 responses to “The joy of Joy

  1. yes, yes you should reconsider. It’s going very smoothly and rather fast. As of this evening I am already at 9 of the 13″ on the back before the underarm shaping. Very pleasing!


  2. Oh, you lucky girl! What beautiful yarn that is, and the pattern is great! I also really like the lacy tee. Someday I will graduate beyond scarves and afghans… I stocked up on knitting supplies (straight needles to learn) over the last few days, and I am determined to do this! Glad to hear that George is all right. Give the family our love!