Okay, I am still having issues posting articles & for some reason a draft wasn’t saved of this one so here I am again, trying to post it all again. Here goes.

Firstly, thank you so much for the prayers & well wishes for George. He was just dehydrated so they hooked up an IV and he was home after just a couple of hours. I will say, he learned his lesson! He’s taken his diet seriously, started to really exercise more actively (2-3 nights of soccer league a week) but for some reason his daily dose of diabetes meds has been the thing he lets slip. And, drinking enough water on weekends. Weekdays, no problem staying hydrated. This bout with dehydration was a mix of a lack of water, meds and eating too much fruit. Yes, fruit is his enemy. Sad, isn’t it? Needless to say, he’s fine now, back at work and we won’t let that happen again. He’s not one to repeat mistakes usually ;o)

On to knitting.

After such a crappy day yesterday I was happily surprised by some gorgeous yarn in the mail (and it has a pattern waiting for it too)

Colourmart 100% silk, Aluminum, DK weight, 150 grams 550 yards

That is the Shaped Lace Tee from Knitting Lingerie Style

Here is my gauge swatch, the bottom half is on 7’s and the top half on 6’s. I like how the gauge on the 6’s looks but he 7’s matches gauge and I will have to wear a cami underneath anyways so I don’t mind it a little drapey.

I haven’t cast on yet but I will soon enough!

I also received my Beadwrangler order of 6/0 beads yesterday for the Sahara sweater neckline, cuffs and hem.

from left to right: Old Ivory Opaque #117, Garnet Lustre Opaque #442, Crystal s/l #120, Red s/l #404, Light Beige Pearl #212

Here they are on the yarn

My favorite is the first on the right, Garnet Lustre Opaque #442. The second on the right, the Light Beige Pearl #212 is my second choice. The picture of the tub is a more accurate color for the beige pearl, farthest on the right.

This sweater is a relatively straightforward knit. I am working down the body just about to start the hip increases. Then the shirt tail hem with beading. I am hoping to just string them & randomly knit them in.

Chart F on the Mystery Stole is next up for today.