The Blues

(We are now up to 4 times trying to get this posted. Good thing on the second try I selected all and copied it. aaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhh)

I just had a whole huge post & boom, it’s gone. That has been happening a lot lately on this host. That makes me rather angry but I will just repost the pictures without so much editorial.

Yesterday I went to Michaels and they had new knit bags. I used my 40% coupon on one & here it is!

And there was a sock pouch also, so I got one. It is just what I have been looking for in a sock pouch. No crazy fabrics, ugly colors. Just simple brown with a clip & drawstring. It’s also big enough to hold 2 socks at once with both balls of yarn. I will cast on & take a pic of the project in there soon.

I like them a lot!

Also, I finished the woolease Granny Square blanket. It’s about 36″ by 36″. Just big enough for a baby. It’ll get put away until one comes along that needs it (winkwinknudgenudgeAli).

Once that was done on Saturday night I decided to pick up the Mystery Stole. I got through all of Chart E yesterday and am pretty pleased. It’s a lot of Cat’s Paw so it wasn’t too terribly hard to do. Just a lot of rows. Chart F is more of the same so I am hoping to get it finished today/tonight. I would like to be done with all of clue’s 4 & 5 by Friday so I am all caught up for clue 6.

Oh, I made George take some pics of me in the Bedjacket, not too pleased with the pictures but oh how I love that sweater!

I used a vintage style button that is the shape of a lady’s head with her hair flowing. I will try to get a good picture of it closeup. I love it, very vintage and feminine.
After wearing the sweater most of the day yesterday I will say it needs a good steam blocking in a few places to behave while it’s being worn. Overall, it was a great first day out!

And, one last thing. Please pray or send your good thoughts our way today. George just checked himself into the ER with high blood sugar (hovering around 400 for those of you in the know) and his insulin just isn’t bringing it down. I have a feeling it’s just a matter of dehydration. They will hook him up to an IV and get him all wet again. They will also drill into his head the importance of overhydrating. I actually don’t think he could ever be overhydrated with the meds he’s on & his diabetes. He very rarely even needs to take his insulin. Diet & exercise have taken care of it. But this past week I think he just slowly became dehydrated. I will start riding him again & make sure he’s being a good boy drinking his H2o.