There is no swear word in any language for this

So it’s tempting to put together a run-on sentence of swear words to describe the disappointment and utter sickness the next few sentences make me feel.

I got my new camera Friday.

My kids thought I was posessed and kept asking me to make that scary laughing sound again.

I took about 100 pictures.

My new camera died.

A slow, horrible death.

First I got a simple enough warning with a beep telling me to stop that or else.

Next, it wouldn’t stop trying to autofocus.

Next, it kept changing shutter speed.

Next, it stopped letting me get into menus and stopped showing me the picture preview.

Mind, it was taking pictures all the while.

So, my brain is screaming at me, I read the manual. Front to back. I do all I can do (remember I can’t get into menus). I take both batteries and charge them overnight Friday night.

Saturday morning I put a battery in & all I can do is manually focus to take pictures. But I can’t view the pictures or change any settings other than the focus.

I email the seller.

He says he never had that problem, I believe him (don’t tell me I am naive ok? I have had much contact with him and believe he is on the up & up. If you know me, you know I am a half empty kinda girl so he’s gotta be trustworthy if I haven’t jumped down his throat yet).

So for the last 3 days I have been sick to my stomach thinking I just wasted a whole lot of money. The seller is ocmmunicating with me still but is feeling like I am the one trying to pull the wool over his eyes to get my money back (possibly switching cameras & pulling a fast one on him, talk about pessimistic).

So tomorrow I take the camera into a shop we agreed on here in SB to have it looked at.

What the F am I supposed to do? He sent it, it worked. For about 2 hours, then it stopped working. And, it’s not a minor malfunction. I have a feeling it’s toast.

George was mad because I don’t just go to a store & buy something. I always do it all on the computer, buy it used for a good deal, yadayadayada…

He got over that once I cried for hours on end.

Now to move forward. I could possibly go to Ebay if it ends up not being resolved between the seller & myself. For the amount I spent I do believe I will have to pursue it.

For now, you wanna see the few pics I did get while it did work?

Well I would love to show you but I can’t.

So for now, take me as a really grumpy bitch.

But I am on the last piece of the Bedjacket from Knitting Lingerie Style using Cotton Fleece. It’s been a relatively fast knit only becuase it’s 9 separate pieces. The seaming is going to be a major process & who knows if I will do it right away or if it will get put away until my patience level has returned to normal.

Tomorrow I go back to working on the Mystery Stole. I am on Clue 4 and Clue 5 comes out Friday so I want to have it done. No high hopes on that one. Actually I have no high hopes for anything right now.

Unfortunately for my students, I have to finish the entrelac class tomorrow night and I so do not feel like being around people. Angry, snappy, not nice chauntel has entered the building. Hopefully she’ll be gone soon enough.

So, on that happy note, have a great Tuesday!