I love my sister

Take a look at the time I am posting this……

I just spent 3 hours, 11 minutes and 33 seconds on the phone with my big sis Cori.

Now realize that she lives in Kansas so she’s 2 hours ahead of me, it’s 4:51am right now for her. We must love eachother a lot, have a lot in common or just be jabberjaws to talk through to the wee hours of morning.

All I have to say is that I am thankful that God put her & I together, we make great sisters!

Love you Cor! Have a safe trip to South Dakota, enjoy the vacation! Good luck teaching yourself to knit. And, if you can get through Mom teasing you about being an old lady knitting, even more power to you!
And don’t expect any help from her either, she’ll just snicker at you.


0 responses to “I love my sister

  1. awww, yay for sisters! What a beautiful post! You two are very blessed to have been born into the same family (although, I doubt there is any coincidence there). No wonder we get along so well, we were both raised by women who tease us relentlessly when we are so obviously sweet, innocent, little angels!


  2. I got slightly teary eyed reading this post! Okay, it must be a full moon or something… How great that you have sisters that you can talk with until the wee morning hours. 🙂 That makes me very happy!

    And I must concur with Ali… You two are such sweet angels. 🙂


  3. I am thinking the 2 of you don’t know me & Cori at all!! ‘Angel’ has never been a word used to describe me, EVER!

    I do love the sarcasm the 2 of you bring here though!


  4. At your service with the sarcasm… but I was truly touched by your post… that was not sarcastic… really… I’m serious!



  5. Well you can’t tell me that the ‘angels’ comment wasn’t sarcastic ;o)

    And of course I know that the rest of your comment was not sarcastic! Enough of the sarcasm talk, we’ll start to be misunderstood lol


  6. I saw how you tried to slip through anonymously “A”. As far as being described as a woman that “teases you relentlessly”, I think it is a defense mechanism to keep sane. As far as I’m concerned, Lois is a saint!

    Seriously, sweet post Chauntel. Get some sleep!!!! You’re wearing me out – Cindy


  7. And I love you, too! I have some Internet access here at the campground, and I read your post tonight. It was so fun to talk to you, and we can do that late night thing once in a while when we can sleep in the next day. I’m sitting with mom and dad in their motor home right now, and it’s really pretty with lots of tall pines around our tent. And I must agree that neither of us would ever be considered angels (but probably you are less an angel than me 😉 ). I, too, am glad that God put us together as sisters. And mom already snickered at me, and laughed when I told her that you said she’d call me an old lady for knitting. But now I should be able to post to my blog at least once or twice while we’re here. We’re going to Mt. Rushmore tomorrow, and we’ll see the night time lighting. Yea! I love you!