I cannot do it

I can’t make it to knitting tonight at Java Station & it’s oh so sad. George started a league soccer team & their first game is tonight so it looks like I will he home, knitting & pretending I am somewhere else ;o)

I am so close to being done with the Isabella sweater that I can almost taste it. I have lost some knitting time being at the beach everyday from 8:30am-2pm (sometimes 3pm) for Sadie’s Beach volleyball camp but it’s worth the loss. I have been able to re-read HP6 and read both of my daily papers from front to back every day. Normally I scan, do the sudoku puzzles & then toss them. It’s nice to actually read them in entirety.

All I have left is to finish about 30 rows on the left front side, sew front & back together & do the armholes. Really it’s not much I just can’t seem to get more than an hour or two a day to knit on it. Shocking, yes? Me not knitting at least 6 hours a day. Summer is here & my life stops being mine.

I did teach an entrelac class this week so now I have a pillow front to work on for the next 2 weeks until the second class. It’s a fun, fast pattern and I am using Rowan Tapestry on size 6 addi lace needles so it does go rather quickly. Not as quickly as say, Silk Garden. Of which I am still waiting to come from Discount Yarn Sale. I will never, ever shop there again. Bad, bad experience. I will just say that it’s been 15 weeks since I ordered & they just got the yarn in to ship to me next week. Lovely!

I am looking forward to the HP7 book release Saturday morning & it’s just wrong that there are spoilers available already so my internet searching will be very limited until I have finished the book. I am also looking forward to Clue 4 of the Mystery Stole tomorrow. I am okay with it being a longer than normal clue due to the anticipation of us all reading HP & not knitting on our stoles. I still hope to have it done by Sunday night like I have the last 3 clues. Not sure how I am going to do that with the book & normal weekend plans but I will try.

I found the camera that I want, it’s on ebay (no worries, I have much better experiences on ebay than with normal web stores) and the auction ends tomorrow. It’s a Minolta dslr, I already have a Minolta 35mm slr that I will be able to interchange lenses/filters & the like with. I am trying not to get too excited over it until I have won it & it’s in my hot little hands. Then I will brag with photos & beautimus things!
So until then we are pictoorless yet again!