Let me start by saying, Saturday we went to Universal Studios Hollywood & I lost my camera. Yeah, it’s not in the only bag we had with us. I distinctly remember removing it from a pocket to put wet socks in there but can’t find it anywhere else.

So I will just tell you what’s up without showing you even though I am dying to show you.
I finished Clue 3 of the Mystery Stole yesterday & I love, love, love the pattern so far. Beautiful is what it is. And I do believe it will be very, very wearable. Everyday wearable, not just for fancy occasions.

Second, I am over half way through the front of the Isabella & the back is done. I really am hoping to have it done tonight but not sure how far I will get.

Today Sadie started her Beach Volleyball camp. It’s this whole week from 9am-noon each day. Good beach time for all of us. Today was all overcast & cold, actually drizzly at times. That’s alright but tomorrow I hope it’s a tad warmer so I don’t have to wear jeans, wool socks & a hooded sweater. I’ll never get tan that way! (not that I will ever get tan although I do try so I dont’ scare all people when they see my transparent skin)

I worked on my clog socks at the beach, read the paper & did my daily sudoku puzzle. It’s the only real challenge my brain gets these days.

So, for now, no pics. Hopefully that will be remedied soon & I can parade my lovely knits to you all!

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