Some stuff

Firstly, Ravelry has sucked me in & is not letting me up for air! I am trying my damndest to get projects listed, all of my 16 pages of stash inventoried (I am on page 10, finally some headway) and get used to using flickr for pics. I do believe it will be so well worth the effort once I get it all up to date.

Yesterday I got a package from Little Knits and oh how I love Fleece Artist!

This is my Sea Silk in Bronze, so gorgeous! It will become a Swallowtail Shawl from IK Fall ’06

That is not the greatest picture of the Seawool in Cosmic Dawn but this should be better for you all. Of course, it will become socks. Not sure when or what pattern but it’ll happen.

I also bought myself Barbara Walkers First Treasury of Patterns so I may just make up my own darn pattern for the socks. Sometimes that is just more simple, don’t you think?

I finished clue2 of the MS3 so I started Isabella from Knitty spring ’07. I have the back & half of the front complete, yay! This is the knitting as of last night, back done & front started.

I am using Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in New Age Teal on size 3 Addi Lace needles from Knit & Pearl. Love it!