Great End

I am happy with HP. I am happy with the end. I got my copy at Costco yesterday morning, got home put away my items, had lunch with the family & started to read, 12:51pm. I finished the book close to midnight. I have to say that with only 40 pages left I was too tired to finish but when I woke George up to go into bed he asked if I had finished, I told him no I only had 40 pages left, he told me to just finish & went back to sleep.

So I did. It was a quick read, without skimming, I didn’t want to miss a thing. I felt it was a good ending, enough people died to make it exciting but not devastating. And, I loved the Epilogue. I hate it when a series ends but you have no idea what happens later. Very satisfying, that book.

So today I have been working on finishing the Isabella armholes and getting ready to start Clue 4 tomorrow.

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