In between clues

Don’t get me wrong, the Mystery Stole is not running my life…but…those first 100 rows are so beautiful I can’t wait for the next 100 on Friday. So until then, what should I do?? What should I work on?
Last night I dug through my cupboards/drawers/stash to find something I could pick up & possibly finish by Friday. I found a sweater back I had started for George but it wasn’t wide enough. It’s long enough to make a Starsky type cardigan for myself though! I cast on the sleeves last night & with only 30 sts on size 10.5 needles I just might have a finished cardigan by Friday! We’ll see.

In my beachbag I have the Orangina by Glampyre. I am using size 4 Addi lace needles and Brown Sheep Cotton Fine yarn in Orange, of course.

You can see that I decided to do beads on the Orangina. I am very happy with that decision. I don’t know how many rows I will do them on. It may end up only that one row on the top edge. Nice & Simple.

Julie has had 2 of the Lantern Moon Fish Messenger Bags for a while & I was just waiting for someone to snatch up that green one so I didn’t have to buy it. But, none of you obliged so I was forced, forced I tell you, to buy it!

That’s the chevron scarf hanging out of it. It has 2 pair of socks (the class socks & Tyler’s tiger socks) in it as well. I am hoping to have all 3 done in the next week as well. The scarf I am in no hurry to finish other than just to be done with it.
The bag is roomy, has lots of pockets outside as well as a zippered pocket inside. I think it’s going to be a fantastic bag!