Oh the sacrifices

So here is the sacrifice I made to wear my new shoes, the patent black platforms to be exact:

OUCH! Walking up & down State St. for 8 blocks wasn’t the smartest thing I could have done in brand new shoes. Oh well, learned my lesson & now I must remember to get moleskin patches to keep in my wallet at all times! It will be about a week of flipflop type shoes before I can wear any of the other fun ones. Damn!


9 thoughts on “Oh the sacrifices

  1. Anonymous

    Ouch, I feel your pain! My feet are insanely sensitive, and that’s what they look like at the beginning of every sandal season. Don’t wear those shoes for a while, and never wear new shoes for longer than an hour at a time.


  2. Anonymous

    I actually didn’t walk in them for more than an hour. It was the distance that got me. Down hill, then up hill. Luckily it was broken up by a 2 1/2 hour movie in between.


  3. Anonymous

    George gets so frustrated with me when I do this that he offers to just stop & buy me a pair of flipflops so we can have pain free walking. No way, I have to toughen these babies up! I don’t whine, I just walk a tad slower & make funny readjusting moves constantly ;o) What’s wrong with that?


  4. Anonymous

    Two words of unsolicited advice: Teething gel.
    I have a tube of infant teething numbing gel that I bought to be prepared for my little monkey’s first teeth, whenever they should decide to come in — it was the first time I actually bought the stuff for that intended purpose – I’ve used it before for painful blisters – but never for babies.


  5. Anonymous

    Holy crap Suzanne! You are brilliant! I wonder if I have any left over in my kids medicine box. Have to go check! thankyouthankyouthankyou

    It may end up living in my purse.


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