Happy Late 4th!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth!

We spent the day from 9am-5pm at East Beach in SB, playing in the sand & surf. A bit of volleyball (though not much because the physical therapist has told George it’s too high impact) but mostly just boogie-boarding in the water. It was a perfect beach day, warm enough to be in the water but a nice breeze to keep cool on the sand.

After the beach, we went to see Ratatouille with the kids. It was much funnier than I expected it to be. That could also be that there was a man in the audience that had one of those catching laughs. He liked it a lot too. Tyler & Sadie enjoyed it but Trevor really didn’t care. He sat through it happy enough but came out saying he didn’t even like it a little bit. Odd considering it was geared more at his age, 6, than the other 2, almost 9 & 10.

Once the movie was done, 8:20pm, we started our walk from the theatres down to the pier for front row seats of the fireworks. It is about 1.25miles downhill the whole way. It was an easy walk, especially considering we were in a crowd of huge proportions. Nothing compared to after the fireworks though. It was an expected crowd of over 100,000. I could safely hazard a guess that when we walked off the sand & back onto State St to walk our way back up to the car, we were in a crowd of over 10,000. We filled up the sidewalks plus the 4 lanes (and a suicide lane) of State St that was closed down just for this reason. It was insane! Once we got past the freeway underpass we could move over one street and avoid the crowd completely.

When we got home we had ourselves some ice cream cones & turned on the History Channel to give a little perspective to the events of our day. We had a Birthday Party for our Nation. I will say this, meaning no disrespect to anyone, we sat next to people during the fireworks that spoke perfect english but referred to the day as ‘their independence day’ and couldn’t believe the band was playing a song about ‘America’. That disturbed me to my core! They live here, work here, probably have legal citizenship here, yet it’s not their county too. I am not sorry that I want my kids to have a full respect for our Nations history, that does include the Mexican American War & we won. I want our Independence Day to be ‘Our’ Independence Day, all living here included. Respect it, if not then don’t go take part in the celebration.

Off my high horse now, of which I fall face first rather often, I love this country. I love the people here, I love the capitalism (we own our own small business), I love freedom. Even if I don’t like what people do with their freedom I still love it. And respect it. That is what makes us a nation that hasn’t fallen apart, we are a self-leveling community for the most part. 2 sides to everything with a little mixed in. I love my Party, that would be the Republican party. I love the freedom to disagree with my party & vote differently if I want to. In all honesty, that doesn’t happen very often ;o) I just am so grateful & blessed to be an American. We are privileged beyond belief to have the society and nation we have.

And most of all, thank you to all of our Heroes, troops now & in the past, that fight for our freedoms!

Yay to being 231 years old!


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  1. Ditto, ditto, and ditto. You said it all terrifically! I am so proud to be an American and have the liberty to own a business, any business we want; to say what I think and not face arrest (even if it’s criticizing my government); to worship as I please; and to teach my kids the valuable lessons of history. Hurray to you! Love you! -Cori


  2. Get outta here! You’re a Rep? Well, that makes 2 of us here in S.B.!:) Glad your 4th was so fun. Loved your patriotic commentary. It’s the only place on earth I want to live.


  3. I’m glad you celebrated the day with the history channel – honoring the meaning of the day, other than another excuse to get drunk and/or light things on fire.
    Oliver plays the “I have a dream” speach every Martin Luther King Jr. day, and my mom watches a lot of history channel specials on the historical aspects of Jesus and the Bible around Christmas and Easter.
    I’m so proud of all of you for maintaining the meaning of these holidays – above and beyond the hype and habit.


  4. Why thank you Suzanne!

    Our nation & history mean a lot to us. Patriotism has almost become a crime here in our town but I think it’s important to instill a good sense of it in our kids.

    Much love to you guys!