You asked & you shall receive

Mouse asked, Suzanne asked, I will give in to popular demand!

Since last I showed you shoe enhancement photos there have been more buying opportunities I could not pass up. Last nights bogo purchase first (btw, total $17 for both pair)

cream linen peeps just in time for the 4th! Not that they are beach-wear but I love how 40’s patriotic they are!

black patent platforms, American Eagle brand

brown suede, more for winter but only $19 & I love them! Apapazza from

Sorry the picture is a tad fuzzy but I wanted to show the fantastic heel on these brown patent leather & suede peep toes. I love the colored suede! And, they have the most amazing sueded footbed that is a dream to walk on. From Ross of course!

These I have been looking for for a long time. Neutral, superstrappy, almost nude sandals for the summer. Ross, again.

Chocolate brown ballet slippers with a box gathered toe.
It was so frickin’ hard to get pictures in good light in my bedroom! But I had no patience to do all this outside so you will suffer ;o)

So yeah, you all think I have a yarn problem. You now all may think it is surpassed by my shoe problem. It’s true, I admit, shoes are an addiction! But when you can get so many different styles and never have 2 of the same shoe, who can pass them up??? NOT I!

dont’ judge me, I just love shoes


15 thoughts on “You asked & you shall receive

  1. Anonymous

    Oh yes! I do love them, the ankle strap is actually a little too tight but with how cute they are I will happily suffer to wear them! I have the perfect sailor blue/white striped pedal pushers to wear them with. Now if only I had your walk in closet….


  2. Anonymous

    Oh my… I LOVE that first pair. And that strappy pair? Yeah, I need to get me some of those… I love shoes.


  3. Anonymous

    And my friend LaChrystal thinks she has a shoe fetish!! Girl, you crack me up, and you sure didn’t learn how to walk in those things from me! I actually love the black patent platforms, probably because I would have a chance at actually being able to walk in them…but those retro heels at the top are so cute!


  4. Anonymous

    Well sis, it’s not that you can’t walk in them, it’s that you won’t walk in them! Birks cannot be the only shoes in a girl’s closet! I remember when you had shoes I wanted so badly, of course I was 6 and you were a teenager with the cool shoes. But, pretty shoes can be wearable with just a little practice. Plus, being a million feet tall like you are, it would be so fun to wear heels & tower over all!


  5. Anonymous

    Well, you are probably right about the not wanting to, and I do have a few pair of shoes that aren’t Birks in my closet! Actually, I went a little wild and bought a pair of wedges (a little higher than 3″ I think) that are cute black with white polka dots. I wore them, and didn’t kill myself. And yes, I did tower (which I feel like I do even without heels sometimes) except over Alyx, who I NEVER tower over, especially when she wears her 4-5″ inch heels! I’ll take a picture of my shoes and post them on my blog so you can see them…


  6. Anonymous

    Oh yes, you should totally take pictures & post them! They do sound cute! There were a pair of polka dot black & white wedges with red bows but Tracy said they were way too Minnie Mouse, even for me, so I passed on them! Boy, do I kick myself for that!


  7. Anonymous

    I totally get the “towering” thing… I’m 5’11” without heels… plus my back gets very angry at me when I wear heels, then again, it gets angry when I wear flats too… hmmm, I guess I can wear any style & just deal with the consequences!


  8. Anonymous

    HAHA Well you are one of my sisters so I guess it all works out in the end! Being the same height at Cori & all it counts!


  9. Anonymous

    Well there is something to be said for being lazy comfortable & being healthy comfortable. I don’t think I would wear heels if they made my sciatica act up. No way, Jose!


  10. Anonymous

    Yup, but it’s no fun being a little old lady when my back is chronologically 32. I’d blame my dad for giving me his genetically challenged back, but I don’t think he’d understand the high heel issue. 😉 There just aren’t a lot of supportive shoes out there that aren’t ugly!!! There are some, but they don’t go with every outfit. I’m the girl with 3 pairs of black boots b/c they’re all just different enough to go with different outfits… yeah, men just don’t quite understand the shoe thing… & forget about purses!



  11. Anonymous

    I think it’s funny that George tries to fix the problem by buying me more shoes so my feet don’t hurt anymore! Yeah, men SO do not get it!


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